Monday, March 14, 2011

Project: Baby Blanket

Project: Baby Blanket for Melissa's daughter
Status: Complete
Source: Mom's ZigZag Double Crochet Pattern
Project Type: Blanket - Crochet

Finished the baby blanket for Melissa's soon-to-arrive little girl today! I'm so excited for her coming little girl and so happy to have finished this blanket. The blanket is so soft and I have just enough yarn left over that I may try to make a little teddy bear to send with it. I don't think I'd have to alter the Wookiee pattern too much to achieve the look I'd want. This blanket has been worked on off and on for a long time and it definitely shows the changes in my stitch tightness, but a lot of love went into it and I hope her little one gets many loving years out of this blanket.

My Mikey monkey kindly helped me by modeling the blanket. :) Love and miss ya bro!

Happy Pi Day!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Not So Top Secret Roxas Blanket Project

Project Name: Roxas Blanket
Status: In Progress
Source: Kingdom Hearts
Genre: Video game
Project Type: Blanket - Crochet
Supplies [to be filled in as I make it]:
Crochet Hook Size I U.S.A.
Red Heart Yarn
  • Color: 0319 Cherry Red - Worsted - Super Saver - Medium 4 - 100% Acrylic - less than one 7 oz/364 yds skein
  • Color: 0312 Black - Worsted - Super Saver - Medium 4 - 100% Acrylic - approx. three and a half 7 oz/364 yds skein
  • Color: 0324 Brt. Yellow - Worsted - Super Saver - Medium 4 - 100% Acrylic - approx. one and a half 7 oz/364 yds skein
  • Color: 0230 Dye Lot: 5302 & 6819 Yellow (I call it gold) - Sport - Light 3 - 100% Acrylic - two 2.5 oz/165 yds skeins
  • Color: 0365 Coffee - Worsted - Super Saver - Medium 4 - 100% Acrylic - approx. three 7 oz/364 yds skein
  • Color: 0360 Cafe - Worsted - Super Saver -Medium 4 - 100% Acrylic - approx. one-third 7 oz/364 yds skein
  • Color: 0400 Dye Lot: 4593 Grey Heather - Worsted - Super Saver - Medium 4 - 100% Acrylic - approx. two 7 oz/364 yds skein
  • Color: 4601 Off White -Worsted - Soft - Medium 4 - 100% Acrylic - less than one 5 oz/256 yds skein
  • Color: 0385 Royal - Worsted - Super Saver - Medium 4 - 100% Acrylic - way less than one 7 oz/364 yds skein
Caron One Pound
  • Color: 501 White - Worsted - 4 ply - 16 oz skein
  • Color: 503 Black (I call it dark grey) - Worsted - 4 ply - 16 oz skein
  • Color: 0589 Cream- Worsted - 4 ply - 16 oz skein
  • Color: Light Blue - Yarn my Mother let me use that was missing it's label (probably Red Heart) - 1 granny square worth of yarn

So ever since seeing this:
I have been searching for the perfect piece of pixel art to turn into a blanket. Today I found it! I'm not going to say what it is until it's finished, but I will post updates as the project comes along and you are free to take your guesses.

3/8/2011 Update:

I have the pattern complete in excel and have calculated the number of pixels/squares that I need to make. This project is going to take 922 squares! Yipes! That's at least twice the number of squares that were used to make the Raccoon Mario rug.

My next step is to decide on the square size. 3 inch squares will make the blanket 12.75 by 9.25 feet. 2 inch squares will make the blanket 8.5 by 6.1667 feet. Hopefully I'll be able to do a mock up of both square sizes tonight. If not, it will need to wait until after this weeks move. I'm off to pack some more boxes.

*Another update for today. So I was super excited about my pattern and mentioned to hubby that I had figured out what I was making for his blanket. He then asked me if he could see it and because I really, really wanted to show someone, it didn't take any convincing. So this is no longer a top secret project. So the subject of the blanket is Roxas from Kingdom Hearts. My pattern is an alteration of bead art done by Exodecai101 on

I was really excited to have finished the baby blanket I've been working on for quite some time. As a reward, I decided on the square size for this blanket. I'm going with 2.5" squares and completed 2 red ones today. My husband pointed out that it is now 2/10 of 1% complete [what a confidence boost :p].

I ended up doing one more square after hubby went to bed. This is the granny square pattern I am using: <-Video of how to make it <- Written pattern It is a really easy pattern to follow and I only have to worry about counting on the inner part of the square. It only takes me two rows to get to the square size I want - so finishing a square is pretty quick.

3/15/2011 I managed to make 11 more red squares today while babysitting. Steven and Kandra were fascinated by the project. Kandra wanted to help. So I introduced her to finger crocheting and chain stitches. She did pretty well with the finger crochet, but had a really hard time holding the hook and yarn for the chain stitch. She finished off a line long enough to make a bracelet (with much assistance) and then asked if she could start making squares for Bevan's blanket. I don't think she realized that she needs to get the basics down before I can teach her things like a double crochet. She is one determined 5 year old.

I finished my 20th red square today. Putting me at approx. 2.2% completion on this project and only 4 more red squares to go. I was pretty excited, and since I was already taking pictures of the blanket I finished Monday - I figured I could take a progress picture of this project as well. As you can see, I just couldn't take a normal picture.

"Just sitting here won't change a thing. It's the same old stuff. So let's go." - Riku [Kingdom Hearts]

I completed 18 black squares today. A great tiny dent in the project. I also had finished the four remaining red squares a while back, but forgot to post about it. So I've more than doubled my completion percent, bringing it to 4.55%. Still a tiny percentage, but it's growing! Plus, I had a knitting/crochet night with Linda and we got to chat (about many things, but also about her little one (my first niece) due to arrive in June). We also enjoyed watching Ever After. It is so nice to have someone to watch 'chick flicks' with [with a few exceptions like: Princess Bride and a few chick flicks that also contain a ton of comedy - my husband won't go near them and trying to convince him otherwise is like trying to pull a tooth from a crocodile]. Now I have less than 200 black squares to go! Yay! Also, I'm really curious to see how many squares I can get from a skein.

"One who knows nothing can understand nothing." - Ansem [Kingdom Hearts]

Yay! I finished my black skein! I've found that I can get 60 squares out of a skein. I was able to crochet 17 squares while role playing tonight. Tonight's game was a lot of fun - especially when the pilot's husband tried to sabotage her race.

"He's strong, he's kind. He's always there for you, and he's handsome to boot. He's perfect. Perfect. Perfectly infuriating! He makes me crazy." - Hades [Kingdom Hearts]

Started in on my yellow skein today during a project meeting for the Spokantina. I managed to finish 22 squares - so I am making great progress. Now I'm at 11.5% completion!

"This girl is the culprit. There's no doubt about it. And the reason is... because I say so, that's why!" - The Queen of Hearts [Kingdom Hearts]

I was able to finish 3 more yellow squares while babysitting today.

"Giving up already? C'mon, Sora, I thought you were stronger than that." - Riku [Kingdom Hearts]

4 more yellow squares complete while hanging out with my sis-in-law. She is doing well and they have decided on the name of my niece-to-be. She worked on getting her slipper pattern organized and we had a wonderful chat. Hooray for girl nights!

"Don't worry. There will always be a door to the light." - King Mickey [Kingdom Hearts]

Finished 16 yellow squares today. Making progress! :)

"Maybe... waiting isn't good enough." - Kairi [Kingdom Hearts II]

Finished another 13 yellow squares today.

"My thoughts exactly! If you have a dream, don't wait. Act. " - Axel [Kingdom Hearts II]

7 yellow squares today. Almost done with the first skein of yellow.

"Belle, I'd like you to stay... With me... Please?" - Beast [Kingdom Hearts II]

6 yellow squares which finished of the skein. Then I did 4 blue squares.

"What's gonna happen to me now? Just tell me that. Nothing else really matters anymore. " - Roxas [Kingdom Hearts II]

So, I've spent the last few days looking for my crochet hook with absolutely no luck. I had stuck the hook in a pocket with my earrings and then forgot about them. I checked the pocket, but they weren't there. I've retraced all my steps and still no sign of the earrings or hook. I'm sure I will find them eventually, but I finally caved and bought a new hook (thankfully, I had written the hook size on this page). (I'm still hoping I'll find the old one along with my favorite earrings!). When I came home from work I had found that Bevan had invited our good friend Joe over. So between my turn at videogames, eating, chatting, and watching TRON Legacy. I managed to get 10 gold squares done. Then I apparently fell asleep. Some hostess I make - falling asleep with company over. *sigh*

"Is that the best a User can do?" - MCP [Kingdom Hearts II]

I was in a crocheting mood when I woke up. I managed to make 19 gold squares. So I am approx. 20.28% complete in square making for this project. Now I should probably get to the chores I still have left to do.

Edit: I ended up picking up the rest of my yarn after work (hooray for coupons). Then I ended up doing another 7 gold squares. I'm just over 21% complete. I've got 17 gold squares left to go.

Edit: I realized I only needed 4 more squares to hit 200 squares complete. So I did 4 more gold squares - only 13 gold ones left. 21.7% complete.

"There's no knowledge that has the power to change your fate." - DiZ [Kingdom Hearts II]

Not much progress today. Just one gold square.

"Even if it doesn't, I wanna know. I have the right to know!" - Roxas [Kingdom Hearts II]

Another slow day, but I doubled yesterday's progress.

"A Nobody doesn't have a right to know. Nor does it even have the right to *be*. " - DiZ [Kingdom Hearts II]

I managed to get 23 squares done (the rest of my gold squares and 13 brown ones) during times when we were waiting to travel places and while Bevan drove. We had a lovely Easter. Church was nice. It was great to see family. Steven's response to his cow stuffed animal was priceless. We were in the middle of the egg hunt and I was following him around with his bag. He found his basket. Said "cow" grabbed the cow and hugged it close, cradling it while cooing. He then said "I'm done." and left everything and walked into the house with his cow. It was adorable.

"He was the only one I liked. He made me feel... like I had a heart." - Axel [Kingdom Hearts II]


I have not updated my progress in ages. I HAVE PASSED THE HALF WAY MARK!!! I am sitting at 53.36% complete. I'm not sure how many squares I had done on which days. I know that I managed to do several during my sister's college graduation back in May. I've had several knitting nights with my sister-in-law in which more have gotten done and I finished another 20 or so yesterday. All in all - I am very excited to be over the half-way mark!

"Riku, you've been hanging out in the darkness too long. You gotta try to think positive." - Sora [Kingdom Hearts II]


I find it fitting that I haven't updated this since passing the square halfway mark.  Somewhere in the months that have passed I have completed all my squares.  Saturday I crocheted 21 grey squares.  And yesterday, I completed my remaining 31 white squares.  All of my squares are done.  I just have several hundred that now need tails tucked.  I really wish I had tucked the tail as I went.  Oh well.  I am currently sitting on the floor in a pile of squares.  Slowly tucking tails and organizing them neatly by color in my ready to connect box.  I think I will be doing a whip stitch through the back stitch of each of them to connect them.  Today was spent doing a lot of research on granny square connecting.  I am so excited that this project is nearing completion.  As soon as I get all the tails tucked I will be putting this blanket together.  So excited!

"Maybe... waiting isn't good enough." - Kairi
"My thoughts exactly!  If you have a dream, don't wait.  Act." - Axel [Kingdom Hearts II]


Here are some progress shots.  I even arranged the squares for the head to take a picture.  Progress is being made.

The box holds squares with tucked tails.  The popcorn tin is full of squares I still need to tuck in.
The squares draped over the edge are already connected.
Kaylee, my cute little craft inspector, at work.
Roxas head.
Can you see the hair and face?  So excited!
 "Only you could have made it this far in one piece, Roxas." - Saix {He's not in one piece yet, but he is getting there.}
"That's really getting old." - Sora


I finished the head in time to give it to Bevan for Valentine's day.  It's huge!  I was hoping to have the entire thing done, but it is taking longer to connect all the squares than I thought it would.  Still, I'm excited to see it coming together!

"Be careful. He messes with your head..." - Cloud [Kingdom Hearts II]

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Castle Crasher Costume

Project Name: Orange and Blue Knights
Status: Complete
Source: Castle Crashers -
Genre: Videogame
Project Type: Costume

Hubby and I had a blast making these. We've competed in two competitions. We were a top costume in the Behemoth Halloween Costume Contest 2008. At SpoCon 2010, we earned Best Workmanship (Novice Class).

This is the video (filmed by Nathan Smith - sorry I forgot to credit you earlier) from our 2010 SpoCon skit:

Our skit uses the audio tracks from Monty Python's Argument Clinic skit and the Castle Crashers theme song.

March Project List

So last month I wrote a list of things I wanted to accomplish. I only got a few of them complete in the month of Feb. but I did make progress. So here is the list for this month.

Moving into our new apartment. [Complete]
Create extra seating in apartment.
Finishing the baby blanket for my friend's kiddo. (3/3 - It's only a few rows away from completion now.) [Compete]
Crocheting all my little Star Wars stuffed animals. (3/3 - Wookiee done - 9 others to go)
Making the hat Melina designed. (3/3 - done and she loved it!)
Finishing my first knitting project.
Working on my Tauntaun. (3/3 - I made progress on the sculpting of the head)
Working on Hubby's Org. 13 coat.
Starting the baby blanket for my niece to be. (It's started.)
Learning how to draw people better.
Learning more Japanese.
Work on my novel.
Build Pai Sho table.
And so many other projects I am working on.

Project: Companion Weighted Cube Ottoman [Portal]

Project Name: Companion Cube Ottoman and Weighted Cube Ottoman
Status: Planning Mode
Source: Portal
Genre: Videogame
Project Type: Furniture -Ottoman

Dear Companion Cube,

I admire your rounded edges and cute little heart design so much that I think you shall make me a perfect ottoman. I might even make you a Weighted Storage cube as a companion, and perhaps a Redirection Cube as well. No storage collection would be complete without the Edgless Safety Cube. Yes, I think you shall enjoy your place of prominence within my living room.

Portal Lovin' Nat

So the plan for this one is to make two ottomans. One will be the companion cube with the cute pink hearts and the other will bear the Aperture Science logo. Both will have internal storage (I'm thinking it will be convenient to stash game controllers in one and my crochet/knitting supplies in the other). I'm currently in the planning mode for this one.

"i like the idea very much and am interested to see how it turns out. i actually came across this page while researching for a similar project of my own. i am in the process of designing a desktop enclosure in the likeness of the cube. i was wondering if you had any advice based on what you have currently learned in terms of how you figured out your dimensions." - imscuba

This project is still in the planning phase for me. My husband and I have been playing Portal 2 lately and, near as we can tell, the cube comes up to half-way between the knee and mid-thigh on Chell. Since I don't know how tall Chell is - we plan on making it comparable to our height. Which will put the cube roughly at 2 feet in height, length, and width. I haven't started working on what the dimensions of the individual components will be. I think I may have the artwork printed out at 2 feet tall when the time comes to make measurement calculations easier. I'm hoping to get to this project later this summer. I also think it will become a trio project - adding in the Redirection Cube. I'd love to see how yours turns out!

Project: White Queen's Chair (Alice in Wonderland)

Project Name: White Queen's Chair
Status: Information Gathering Mode
Source: Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Genre: Movies
Project Type: Furniture - Chair

So this is going to get added to my ever growing list of projects that I want to do.

The first time I saw Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, I knew that I wanted to make the White Queen's chair. My husband and I watched it again last night, and again I could not shake the thought that I want to make that chair. So now I am on the hunt for better reference pictures (especially of the top of the chair). It is such a pretty chair and would be a blast to make.