Monday, April 4, 2011

My Novel

Last November I participated in NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month takes place each November. Those who accept the challenge begin writing on November 1st with a goal of writing 50,000 words in their novel before the clock strikes midnight on November 30th. It was a very fun month long event and I managed to clock 50,159 words by the end of November, but my novel was no where near complete. I even participated in a few of the write-ins where I met local people crazy enough to also be attempting to reach 50k. So last November was a great start to get the novel idea that I've had for years onto my computer screen. My thought was to take the first 2 weeks of December off and then get back to writing. So I took the first two weeks of December off and then my appendix decided it should no longer be in my body. Surgery, complications, and then the healing process all ended up used as excuses for not touching my novel. February was consumed with house hunting (hubby and I were pre-approved only to find out that no banks would lend to us due to the short sale we had in early 2009 - so we need to wait another year and a few months before they lend) and then apartment hunting. March was consumed with packing, moving, unpacking, and building shelving. So that takes me up to now. I am finally looking at my novel again.

I challenged my friend to a writing duel. Each week we will earn points for our new word count, edited word count, reading each others works, and critiquing each other. At the end of the month we will tally our points to determine the winner for the month. So the past few days have had me organizing my novel onto a private blog I will use just for that. 'Why do you need to organize it?' you might be asking yourself and the answer would be: My brain does not like to write chronologically. I write part of one scene and then bounce off to the next. So if my novel were a puzzle, all you would see currently would be a couple pieces connected here, a loose piece or two over there, another piece over there, and maybe a few edge pieces and I'm the only one with the ability to see the picture on the box. So the reader of my work so far may find themselves very confused. If you don't mind confusing, little plot holes, big plot gaps, and much of the story to be filled in later - you can request a link to read my in-progress novel. If the thought of gaps and randomness fills you with fear, it is best to wait for me to complete the first draft before you lay eyes on it. The buddy that I have challenged is willing to play detective with my random pieces and so I shall be writing again. I've come to find that I thrive off of competition and love a good challenge. So hopefully this will aid in keeping me focused as I progress.

Since I am writing again, I will also open up character submission as well.
For some of you, it won't come as a surprise that my main character likes to take on different personas for the various missions she completes. This is where you come in. Have you ever wanted to be a character in a novel? Now is your chance. If you fill out the following for me, I will do my best to incorporate your character into my book (either as a persona my character changes into or as a character she interacts with [such as a bounty, client, or political figure]). Once I have the scene(s) with your character written, you'll get the first sneak peak. You will also be listed in the acknowledgments of my novel.

A bit about the novel:

Genre: Science Fiction

Chamllella is a bounty hunter who travels the galaxy capturing fugitives and criminals for wealthy clients. She is a graduate of the Galactic Military Academy and has overcome many hardships in her life.

Character Sheet

Answer as much or as little as you would like about the character you want to be.




Weight and Body Type:

Hair Color and Style:

Eye Color:

Complexion and Skin Tone (all colors are possible):



What does your character look like (can be anything from human to inventive alien species)?

Mannerisms or gestures:

Strongest personality traits:

Weakest personality traits:

Needs of the character:


Favorite sayings:

Interests and hobbies:

Favorite Color:

Social Class:


Possessions this character values most:

Does your character have siblings? If so, how many?

What is your character's family life like:

Good guy, neutral, or villain?

How would your character react to stress?

How would your character react to success?

Does your character get jealous easily?

Is your character a fighter or a pacifist?

Anything else you'd really like me to know or would love for me to include?

By submitting any of the above character sheet to me, you are agreeing to allow me to use your submitted character ideas within my story in exchange for being listed in the acknowledgments should my novel be published. I have no idea if my story will ever be published [and I know that even after my draft is complete it will be in need of much polishing before sending it off to even be considered], but I'll be sure to let you know if it is.

Friday, April 1, 2011

April's Project List

My goal is to make more progress on my project list this month. It's a daunting list, but if I can knock one or two things off of it, I will feel accomplished.

Project - Status

Baby blanket for my friend's kiddo - Complete

Crocheting all my little Star Wars stuffed animals - In progress

  • Wookiee - Complete
  • Yoda - Waiting
  • Stormtrooper - Waiting
  • R2-D2 - Waiting
  • Princess Leia - Waiting
  • Luke Skywalker - Waiting
  • Han Solo - Waiting
  • Ewok - Waiting
  • Darth Vader - Waiting
  • C-3PO - Waiting

Make the hat Melina designed - Complete

Knitted slippers - In progress

Tauntaun costume - In progress

Hubby's Org. 13 coat - In progress

My Org. 13 coat - Planning mode

Baby blanket for my niece-to-be - In progress

Learn how to draw people better - In progress

Learning Japanese - In progress

Finish the first draft of my novel - In progress

Build Pai Sho table - Planning mode

Build White Queen's Chair - Planning mode

Build Companion Cube ottoman - Planning mode

Make Zelda's Cloak - Planning mode

Get Mom's puzzle ornament website up and running - Planning mode

Castle Crashers Costume - Complete

Top Secret Blanket Project for Bevan - In progress

Video Game Console Shelving Unit - Complete

DVD Shelving Unit - Complete

Board Game Shelves - Complete

Corner Kitchen Shelves - Complete