Friday, February 19, 2010

I take off the armor before swimming ketchuplover

Did workout 2 of hard mode for EA Active. Man that thing kicks my butt. I feel my muscles by the end of the first exercises rep set and am pouring sweat, I mean, glistening by the end of the second exercise. It's so gross when you go to wipe your sweaty face on your shoulder only to end up feeling the slime of more sweat.

EDIT: Rest of Heather's comment:

Nata, you already amaze me in all that you do, but here's some extra umph!! Keep rockin' it girl!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

49 day streak!

Between work, a House Cup challenge, and working out everyday I've been a bit busy.
Day 49 and my exercise streak is still alive!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Complete EA Sports Active More Workouts 6 Week Challenge!

Woohoo! *happy dance* I have completed EA Actives More Workouts 6 Week Challenge (medium intensity)! *dances* And today is day 40 of my workout streak! *happy dance*

I'm 25 and will always be young at heart. Thanks!

Day #41 has been conquered! 30 minutes of step aerobics did the trick. Also, I am excited! Hubby and I went shopping for Valentine's Day gifts and I'm getting the step that the Wii Fit board fits on, which means the intensity of my step workouts will be increased! Woohoo! I can't wait to try it!
Thanks! I've got the exercise portion under control and the awesome thing is - I'm enjoying it. Now I just need to conquer food.

With tomorrow morning's workout I will have complete the EA Active 6 week challenge (24 workouts @ medium intensity) in a few days less than six weeks. Then on Thursday I will start the challenge over on hard intensity. Definitely my favorite workout program.
Yes, my strength training which I do on Monday, Tuesday (morning), Thursday, and Friday alternates between upper body and lower body.
Sunday lately has been an hour long flag routine workout which is mainly arms, but it looks like I will be joining a walk/jog/run group Sunday afternoons as well.
Tuesday night I am on the elliptical for the show. 2 hrs and I make sure I clock a minimum of 7 miles.
Wednesday and Saturday are often cardio/aerobic based (step routine, boxing, walking dvds) or yoga.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Yep. NataLekku is also my username on Sparkpeople (though I haven't consistently used the site lately). I'm glad you liked the photobucket slideshow. I think I will try to add to it weekly - just because there are days that my motivation is lacking completely, but watching that can at least motivate me to get my workout in.

So today will be day 39 of my exercise streak as soon as I get my workout in. I'm pretty sore. Still recovering from Friday's workout which consisted of 9 hours of remodeling work (tore up carpet, lifted lots of boxes, moved 2 desks up and down stairs, tore up part of a wall, built a wall, etc.). I can pretty much feel every muscle in my body. Saturday was an EA Sports workout followed immediately by a few more hours of remodeling. Sunday, I made my arms even sorer with flagging. I plan on treating my muscles to a nice soak in a hot bath later today. Oh, and after tomorrow's workout I will have finished the EA Active 6 week challenge in under 6 weeks! *happy dance* I hope you all have a fantastic day! *skips off to work*

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thanks Scott!

Great advice Teri! It reminds me that I need to start getting yogurt again.

I did enjoy a treat of half a serving of cheesecake (about 200 calories) and I did make sure to work it off in my workout today (1 hour of stepping & boxing - 800 calories burned).

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thank you Teri! Cheesecake is definitely a weakness!

So, I've realized that trying to cut out sweets has led to me wanting them more. So instead, I'm allowing myself to choose them with the promise that that day in addition to my normal workout I will also burn off the calories of sweets I ate. I think this will help me still enjoy some of the treats I love, but also make me think more about it before I choose to ingest it. In other words, it should stop me from the mindless sweet eating that I sometimes fall prey to, because I will only eat it if I am willing to work it off.

Oh, and my Feb. workout goal is to continue my awesome workout streak and to learn 3 new exercises.
My food goal is to find the adjustments I need to make to eat a healthier diet.
- burning off calories of sweets I choose to eat (in addition to normal workout)
- upping the daily fruit/veggie goal to 2 servings a day (working up to the recommended)
- continue to get my daily 8 glasses of water in

My Motivation!

My Motivation!

The html code isn't working. You will need to click on the link or the picture to see my motivation slideshow.
You guys are awesome! Thank you!

I totally let myself down this last week. My food choices were horrible (cheesecake, chocolate chip muffins, donuts, etc.). I am giving myself a personal challenge. Kick it into gear, watch your food, and lose 5 lbs in a week (Miggy is inspiring) and I need to make up for this bad week. When I succeed I will do a happy dance - should I fail, I will force myself to write out a food journal (something I really hate doing) for a week.

My 7 miles during the show brought my mileage for the year up to 51 miles! *happy dance* This is something I feel great about! I want to be able to feel just as proud of my food choices as I am of my exercise! I've clocked at least 30 minutes everyday this year! *happy dance*