Friday, January 29, 2010

"Way to go you are a great inspiration - I need to put something like that in place and keep moving.
" - Debbie

You can do it Debbie. Just set a goal and go for it It's amazing how motivating not wanting to break a streak can be!

"Wow, Nata! That's awsome!! You must be taking the same stuff Richard Simmons took!! lol Seriously, I'm really proud of you!!" - Teri

Thanks Teri! And I'm not taking anything - I just finally stopped taking my own excuses.

WOW, you are an inspiration" - Souix

Thanks Souix!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

28 day streak!

"NataLekku you little streaker you. that is an great record for 28 days now! Really something to be proud of and I bet the weigh-in will show it this week. Good luck, " - Marsha

"" WOW" !! i mean " HOLY COW" !!! no, no what i really want to say is "YOUR KICKING BUTT KEEP UP THE AWESOME JOB"!!!!!! see ya scott" - Scott

TODAY IS DAY 28!! WOOHOO!!! In a few more days I will have a month completed! I am so excited!

So I have 46.94 miles complete of my 800 mile year goal! I plan to break 50 before the week is over

I have completed 145 push-ups of Ketchuplover's 1000000 push-up challenge. Only 999855 to go

I have seven more workouts left in EA Active's 6 Week Challenge on medium intensity before I have completed the challenge in a day or two less than 6 weeks! Once I finish it, I will need to decide if I want to complete it again on medium intensity or if I am up to the challenge of kicking it up to the hard intensity.

And I am really grateful for all the support you all are giving me! Thank you so much! I hope you are having an active day!
Yesterday I woke up sore (because I forgot to stretch after the 7 miles during the show - oops!). So I didn't want to do any exercise. I also didn't want to break my streak. So I slept in yesterday morning which meant I didn't do my workout until yesterday evening. I choose a low intensity stretching exercise DVD (Qigong) and actually felt so much better after it. So yesterday was day 27! And I'm off to make today day 28!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thanks Souix!

Yesterday became day 25 of the streak and after breakfast I will make today day 26

Only a .6 loss this week. I need to watch my food better.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

24 day streak!

"I thought my cat was the only one that went after my bands. I have snapped a couple of bands. I also like the tube ones. Now where did I put those bands. Time to get them out. You have motivated me." - Debbie

"The Energizer Bunny's got nothing on Nata " - Ketchuplover

"Gheez, Nata, you wild woman, tearin' up the equiptment!! LOL I'm glad you weren't hurt." -Teri

hehe Thanks everyone!

Got in a step aerobics/boxing workout yesterday and did an hour of flagging today. So this is day 24 of my exercise streak!

Also, I bought a new resistance band (as I couldn't find my ones in storage). It's covered, so if it snaps, hopefully the rubber will remain contained and not snap me.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Snapped a band and 22 day streak

Thank you Heather, Teri, Debbie, and Marsha! Your encouragement means a lot to me!

Day 22 and my streak is still going! However, I did realize today that I don't know my own strength. I was using the resistance band that I got with my walking DVDs to do double bicep presses and it snapped clean through. Thankfully it only grazed my arm in the process. This one is thicker than the one that came with EA Sports Active and it was the one my cat didn't get to... oh well, just means I need to go to the storage unit and attempt to figure out which box has my older resistance bands are in (as they are the tube variety instead of the flat variety that I tend to snap through (previous snapings were on the thinner bands and usually after my cat attacked them). Also, I realized just how much my arm strength has improved because I had to go back to the first band and I couldn't shorten it to provide enough resistance to feel the burn.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

21 day streak!

All the little bits add up

I happily made today day #21 with a 30 minute full body workout *happy dance*

"Have the courage to refuse"
"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
"What am I running from?

I'm running from a size 16, 14, 12...
and a number on the scale, from a lifetime of bad habits
from hating my body
from a family history of depression and obesity
from diabetes
from a genetic predisposition to heart failure.

I run.
I run from the past, from pain
from ten years of smoking, from asthma
from fallen arches
from "too old", from "too late"

I run
I run from feeling trapped, from feeling like a loser,
from past regrets, from things I wish I'd done differently

I run from the back of the pack,
from DNF,
from "you're too slow"
from "you must be crazy"
from "isn't that hard on your knees"

When I run, I run to nowhere in particular.

I run alone,
without fanfare,
without audience,
just me and the pre-dawn darkness
and my footsteps

I know I'm slow
and I run like a girl.

Try and keep up." -Unknown
"Excusitis is curable and reversible."
"Don't dig your grave with your own knife and fork."
"A diet is when you have to go to some length to change your width."
Thanks everyone! Knowing that you read and find some encouragement/inspiration is also encouragement for me Means I don't want to let any of you down

As for the 7 miles - I figure I need to at least do that each Tuesday during the nice two hour chunk of show, so that when my 2nd half-marathon rolls around in October it won't kill my feet as badly as the first one (although, I do suspect that was more due to my shoes than the 13 miles).

So my highlight of the day was having my father tell me that he did 2 miles this morning! And finding out that he told my siblings that he needs to be more like me in regards to workouts. I am so happy that I am getting healthy and it makes me even happier to know that he is starting the steps too. I really hope he keeps it up because it will help him better manage his sleep apnea, snoring, and borderline diabetes. I'd rather have him follow in his grandmother's footsteps (in her 90s and still very fit - although her mind is starting to go) than his parents (his dad had his ankles fused to support his weight and his mom is losing her eyesight due to diabetes - I love them both, but these are not health issues I want for me). Anyway, I am very proud of him for waking up early to do the 2 miles before work

This morning I did 30 minutes of step aerobics (fast pace in EA Active). It was fun. I am so happy that I am enjoying my workouts. I need to remember that if I start dreading doing my workouts it means I need to find something new that I will enjoy. I want to be able to stick with this all year long and for years to come and that means I need to make sure I have a good variety and good fun all mixed in. Goals to shoot for also really help me. So I am very proud to say that this is my 20th day of my workout streak and I am well on my way to making this a habit! *grins*

Some quotes a friend sent me:
"Don't sacrifice what you want the MOST for what you want right now."
"Never discourage anyone [including yourself] who continually makes progress, no matter how slow."--Plato [added by me]
"Try not! Do or Do Not, there is no try." ~Yoda
"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."
"Every single thing you do is 100% better than doing nothing at all."
"Remember, what you will become rests with what you are willing to do." Unknown Author

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

19 day streak!

19 day streak! *dances* I'm still not pulling big numbers - sorry! But I am very proud that I am pulling consistent numbers .9lb loss again this week. My body might be telling me that it isn't going to give me any more than slow and steady. However, if I can keep up at least a .9 lb loss each week this year, by the end of the year I will be 46.8 lbs lighter and that much closer to Onederland. This week I will fiddle around more with my diet to see what else I can change, because I'd really like to average 1 to 2 pounds a week (though I will happily accept higher loss weeks too). I am very happy with my workout plan. I get in 4 strength training workouts a week and 4 cardio/aerobic workouts a week (Tuesday being the day I do both a strength training workout and a 2 hour elliptical workout [while watching the show] in). I have found that I feel best on days that I do my workout early and it's usually only on days that I wait until evening to work out that I feel sore. So I am definitely enjoying my workouts.

Weekly workout schedule:
Sunday - 30 min cardio/aerobic
Monday - 30 min EA Active 6 Week Challenge Workout
Tuesday - 30 min EA Active 6 Week Challenge Workout
2 hour elliptical workout while watching BL
Wednesday - 30 min cardio/aerobic workout
Thursday - 30 min EA Active 6 Week Challenge Workout
Friday - 30 min EA Active 6 Week Challenge Workout
Saturday - 30 min cardio/aerobic workout

*cardio/aerobic workouts usually consist of one or more of the following: Leslie Sansone's Walk Slim DVDs, elliptical, aerobic step workout, flag practice, walking, swimming
*EA Active 6 Week Challenge is mainly strength training with the use of a resistance band with cardio interspersed

I got a call from a friend yesterday inviting me to join a walk/jog/running group that meets on Sunday afternoons and since this winter has been unusually mild, I think I may just join in. Gotta get my 800 miles in for the year

So yeah, that's my update in a nutshell. I'm happy with my progress and hoping that I can bump it up a notch or two

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tis now an 18 day streak! *happy dance* Feeling great!

Thanks ketchuplover!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

17 day streak!

17 day streak! Not sure why my last post didn't actually post. Had a blast at my friend's gym the yesterday and got my haircut! Did step aerobics today. Feeling great! Getting all my water and veggies in! This is so my year! *happy dance*

Thursday, January 14, 2010

13 day streak!

My streak is a thirteen day streak! *happy dance* Even got to work out with a friend today (and made plans to work out with her again on Saturday)!

Now I am off to bed! Will update with my normal daily check-ins for day 12 & 13 after I've had sleep! Night all!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Thanks Souix! I figure I'm on a ten day streak so I better make today 11. It's actually rather motivating to know that each day I am making changes needed to achieve my goal. Plus I get a lot of motivation from you all. When I have people I know will tell me if I let things slide - I'm more apt to stick with the plan. I also don't want to let the Red team down. Here's to hoping the scale will be kind to us all. *raises water bottle in toast before skipping off to her morning workout*

Kandra's Birthday

Thanks ketchuplover & Debbie!

Day #9
1. Salad X2 & Brocolli - check.
2. 8 glasses - check.
3. Leslie Sansone's Walk Slim 3 Fast Miles - 3 miles - check.
Health Points Earned Today: 6
All goals met for Day #9!

Day #10
1. Salad- check.
2. 8 glasses - check.
3. Elliptical - 63 minutes - 4 miles (half mile with my toddler brother in the front pack) - check.
Health Points Earned Today: 7
All goals met for Day #10!

Points Earned: 53
Miles Traveled: 23
Longest Streak: 8 days!

I hope everyone had a fantastic day! I know I did. It was my little sister's 4th birthday.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Day #7
1. Apple - check.
2. 8 glasses - check.
3. EA Active 6 Week Challenge #5 - check.
Walked IKEA - 1 Mile
Health Points Earned Today: 4
All goals met for Day #7!

Day #8
1. Banana - check.
2. 8 glasses - check.
3. EA Active 6 Week Challenge #6 - check.
Health Points Earned Today: 3
All goals met for Day #8!

Points Earned: 40
Miles Traveled: 16
Longest Streak: 8 days!

I am right on track for my goals! Currently sweaty from a workout, but I feel great! Yesterday my food choices were very poor (best choice was water and apple, but I also had a milkshake, kettle corn, twix, and basic junk during the 9+ hours spent driving). Today is a better day.
Just got back from Seattle. I'm exhausted. Got all my goals in for the day (will post the usual update in the morning when my brain isn't in zzzzzzzz mode). Happy to say I am on the RED team. Go RED! Guess my motto should be "from Big Red to Red Hot" hehehe my tired brain likes the sound of that. *slips off to sleep* ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Started the day off right! Got my EA Active workout in! Off to Seattle! *skips happily* Workouts may make me a morning person again...

6 day streak!

Talking 6 day streak!

Thanks Debbie! I'm keeping going. Today I had to squeeze in my workout between my morning job and lunch with my grandparents because I overslept my alarm and thus missed my morning workout time. I managed to get in 2 miles on the elliptical.

You crack me up Scott. I think I'd need the shoes off of everyone I know too I agree that it is great knowing that there are others going through the same self butt kicking exercises too. I know that right now I am really looking forward to either a) getting used to the pain of sore muscles or b) my muscles getting used to working so they are not as sore.

I don't think I realized how much coughing/laughing engaged my ab muscles until now

Achievement of the day - two 11 minute miles!
Day #6
1.Banana & Pears (home canned and a fresh one) - check.
2. 8 glasses - check.
3. Elliptical - 22 minutes - 2 miles - check.
Health Points Earned Today: 5
All goals met for Day #6!

Points Earned: 33
Miles Traveled: 15
Longest Streak: 6 days

Tomorrow I drive my sister to Seattle so she can fly to Switzerland. That means leaving here by 6am and not getting home until very late. I have a EA workout scheduled for tomorrow as long as I wake up when my alarm is set I can do it before the drive. Otherwise I just need to make sure I get my miles in walking around the Pike's Place Market. I need to clock at least 2 miles tomorrow on my feet (I'll clock more than that in the car).

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

5 day streak!!!

Talking 5 day streak!!!

Thanks Don!

"there's no deadline on the million . just do 'em with a smile on your face " - Ketchuplover

ketchuplover - I got through 1 today. There was no smile though. My abs are killing me. My abs are telling me that the ab workout in my strength training program and in my walking dvds are killer. It may be next week before I start trying to knock anything off of that million.

I'm on a five day streak!!! I got in 2 workouts today! This morning I did the 4th workout in the EA Active 6 Week Challenge. Then while watching the Biggest Loser I hopped on the elliptical and walked for 75 minutes. I clocked 5 miles while watching the show. I feel good.

Day #5
1. Apple - check.
2. 8 + glasses - check.
3. EA Active 6 Week Challenge Workout #4 - 30 min - check.
75 min on elliptical - 5 miles- check.
Health Points Earned Today: 8
All goals met for Day #5!

Points Earned: 28
Miles Traveled: 13 (My favorite number!)
Longest Streak: 5 days

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thanks Debbie!

Day #4
1. 2 plates of salad - check.
2. 8 glasses - check.
3. EA Active 6 Week Challenge Workout #3 - 30 min - check.
Health Points Earned Today: 3
All goals met for Day #4!

Points Earned: 20
Miles Traveled: 8
Longest Streak: 4 days

Monday, January 4, 2010

*laughs* Nice Scott! *laughs more* I actually did them, but don't worry. That doesn't mean you have to.

"drop and give me one million " - Ketchuplover

Ketchuplover - can that be over a period of several days? Or are you really trying to kill me?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thanks Seasidedebbie! Her [Leslie] DVDs will definitely get your steps up. I like using the DVD because I find that the hardest part of my motivation is getting started, but if I get someone (even on screen) moving with me I'll go to the end.

Thank you Scott! I dropped and gave you 20 - which was surprising since I hate push-ups (7 real and 13 on the knees - I need to work on those). I don't need to see references, any daily/weekly/random butt kicking is appreciated to help me push me self and keep me sticking to my plan. Thanks again!

2010 GOALS

*2010 GOALS*

I completed 729 miles in 2008 on my elliptical.
My goal for 2009 was 1000 elliptical miles. - I didn't use my elliptical near as much as I planned on in 2009. But between it, training for a half-marathon, Bloomsday and the half - I clocked between 400 and 500 miles. So I hit about half of my ambitious goal and instead of beating myself up over it. I'm proud of myself and what I accomplished in 2009. I walked my first half-marathon (and learned which shoes not to where). I didn't give up, even when I really, really, really wanted to (and that was with 5 miles still to go). It helped that I had awesome friends with me each step of the way and that my family came to cheer me on. So I'm proud that I did something.

So for 2010 my mileage goal will be 800 miles (elliptical, workout videos, tracks, trails, etc.). I'm not going to limit my miles to just the elliptical since I'm doing my body good as long as I am moving. I also plan on completing another half-marathon this year (looks like the Spokane Half is scheduled for 10/10/2010). I want to beat my 2009 time of 4:39:35 (a very doable goal).

I lost and kept off 11.7 pounds in 2008.
My goal for 2009 is to loss and keep off at least 24 pounds.
In 2009 I was able to lose and keep off an additional 3.1 pounds. Bringing pounds lost and kept off to 14.8 pounds. Didn't hit my goal, but for the second year in a row I lost instead of gained and that is worth celebrating (by dancing not eating junk food).

My goal for 2010 is to end it lighter than I started it. My minimum weight loss goal is to lose 12 pounds (beating 2008's personal best). But the goal I really want to hit is losing 52 pounds. That's a pound a week and if I consistently work at it (eat healthier, exercise, and make sure I get my water) I know that I can do it. So anytime during 2010 feel free to ask me how I am doing towards reaching my goals and give me a kick in the pants if I need it. Thanks!

So to help me keep track of my health goals for 2010 I am starting a health point system for myself.
Each day I can earn:
1 point for drinking at least 8 glasses of straight water.
1 point for meeting my fruit and veggie goal. (Something I really need to work on. My goal for the first week is to make sure I get at least 1 fruit or veggie in a day. That goal will vary week to week as eating fruits and veggies becomes more of a habit.
1 point for each day I exercise.
Bonus points:
1 point for every mile I do.
1 point for every pound I lose (to be tallied at year end)
So that's 1095 health points possible plus the mile and pound bonus.
So if I meet my goal of 800 miles and my goal of 52 pounds lost. The health points I want to hit is 1947. I'll be keeping track of the regular points week to week. Possible 21 points + mileage done. I'm looking to make 2010 a healthy year for me.

*finishes apple and skips off to do her workout*

Wanted: Someone willing to be my "Jillian" or "Bob" to kick me in the butt when I need it. I know it would be helpful to have someone frequently checking in on me and not afraid to tell me when I need to get my butt in gear. If you'd like to take on this role daily, weekly, or monthly let me know.

Week 1 Goals:
1. Eat 1 fruit or veggie daily.
2. Drink 8+ glasses of water.
3. Workout.

Day #1
1. Apple - check.
2. 8 glasses - check.
3. EA Active 6 Week Challenge Workout #1 - 30 min - check.
Leslie Sansone's Walk Slim Fast Start - 30 min - 2 miles - check.
Health Points Earned Today: 5
All goals met for Day #1!

Day #2
1. Banana & 2 plates of salad - check.
2. 8 glasses - check.
3. EA Active 6 Week Challenge Workout #2 - 30 min - check.
Leslie Sansone's Walk Slim 3 Fast Miles - 45 min - 3 miles - check.
Health Points Earned Today: 6
All goals met for Day #2!

Day #3
1. Salad - check.
2. 8 glasses - check.
3. Leslie Sansone's Walk Slim 3 Fast Miles - 45 min - 3 miles - check.

Points Earned: 17
Miles Traveled: 8
Longest Streak: 3 days

So far, so good!