Wednesday, May 6, 2009

11 day diet

I can happily say I have finished yet another Bloomsday I think this makes 14! I had a blast. I walked with 3 other friends all in costume and chatted with several others I knew throughout the race. This year I walked in my Sith Twi'lek costume which meant that I carried an additional 15lbs on my head (the lekku [aka headtails] of my costume). None of us were concerned about time. We were walking for the fun of it. I was interviewed and we probably had at least 100 people take our picture throughout the 12k course.

My Stats
Finish Time: 2:35:58
Overall Place: 40,277 out of 44,490
Ran with a pace of 20:54 per mile
The average pace for 24-year-olds was 13:03
Placed 847th among 893 people the same age
Placed 15,788th among 17,717 people from Spokane, WA
Placed 32,393rd among 35,983 people from Washington
Placed 51st among 60 people with the same last name
Placed 23,635th among 26,349 females
Placed 540th out of 569 among 24-year-old females

I'm happy with the pace we kept - especially considering the number of times we slowed down or stopped for someone with a camera.

Monday I woke up a little sore but made a point to keep stretching all day. This morning I did 2 miles and plan on doing several more tomorrow.

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