Wednesday, June 17, 2009

11 day diet

Thank you all! *hugs* Life's been pretty stressful. Been trying to sell our condo (short sell process sucks). Today is our 4th scheduled closing date (2 were postponed due to buyer and her bank and the last one because the bank with the mortgage wasn't responding to attempts to contact and get paperwork in order). So I am really stressed and hoping that it really will close today. I've been hunting for a job since I was laid off in October and other than small jobs (like nanny-ing, babysitting, and minor data entry) I haven't found anything. I'm stressed and really realizing how much I've used food as a comfort in times of stress. It's been really, really hard to stick to my diet when all I really want is to eat whatever I think will make me feel better even for a little while. I haven't totally blown my diet, but there are several days that include foods not on the diet when it should have just been the diet. The stress of living back under my parents' roof is beginning to get to me (especially because my 5 & 3 year old brother and sister have no concept of volume control and are still working out a lot of issues from the pre-adoption portion of their lives). I feel so utterly not in control and I don't like this feeling. It's hard to focus on weight-loss when I feel so overwhelmed.

EDIT: 4th scheduled closing is the charm!!! The condo has officially switched hands! Hooray for the fact that we no longer have to deal with it (haven't been living in it since Jan.) and hooray for the buyer since she had to be out of the place she was renting earlier this week and now she has a place. *happy dance*

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