Saturday, January 29, 2011

Taking Back My Time

So recent events have caused me to re-evaluate how my time is spent. I've realized that I can get so much more done if I am more intentional with my time. So I began to evaluate the things I spent my time on. The biggest time waster on my list was Cityville and Frontierville. What had initially started as filling time while pages loaded had become a game that I played whenever I was online and often before bed (even when I was dead tired). Upon evaluating I realized that it was no longer fun any more, it was just habit. A habit of random clicks that I didn't have to think about. An addiction that I usually didn't go more than 2 days without spending some time on. So today I blocked all the games that don't challenge my brain. I then proceeded to unfriend the people who I had only added because they were regular players of said games (thus making blocking the games a more permanent solution as those games require a lot of assistance from other players). So I'm taking back my time. I only get so much and wasting it with random clicking that is no longer entertaining is not something I need to do. I have so many things I want to do but think I can't because of time, yet here I was, making sure I always had time for mindless clicking when I could have been crocheting stuffed Wookiees or other fun creative projects that engage my brain.

Things I Can Use My Time For:
Finishing the baby blanket for my friend's kiddo.
Crocheting all my little Star Wars stuffed animals. (3/3 - Wookiee done - 9 others to go)
Making the hat Melina designed. (3/3 - done and she loved it!)
Finishing my first knitting project.
Working on my Tauntaun. (3/3 - I made progress on the sculpting of the head)
Working on Hubby's Org. 13 coat.
Making a baby blanket for my niece to be.
Learning how to draw people better.
Learning more Japanese.
Work on my novel.
And so many other projects I am working on.

So I only have so many hours I am awake in the day and I want to be more intentional with how I use them. I'm excited about better utilizing my time. I will let you know what gets completed in the month of Feb.

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