Friday, May 20, 2011

Accomplished Kitty

[Warning: Post contains potty training content.]

So I have an ongoing joke with my Mother that my cat, Kaylee will be potty trained before my 2 year old brother is. They are both currently potty training, I'm pretty sure that my little brother is ahead, but I am very proud of my little Kaylee. She's had peeing in the toilet down since day two of the reinstatement of the Litter Kwitter (we had tried it when she was a kitten, but stopped when company visited and never restarted), but getting her to poop in the toilet has been a challenge. Friday the 13th of May she had her first successful day of full usage of the toilet. Then she went right back to her normal routine until today, when she managed her second success. This step will come a bit slower as I basically have to catch her preparing to squat and quickly move her to the toilet (this method only works well when I am home all day - for obvious reasons). She used to be a morning girl like clock work - so I had assumed (bad idea) that she would maintain her schedule and make the process easy. She has sense hit the random button on her internal clock and I can only guess when it might be time. Still, I am confident that she will master this step - thus eliminating the need for kitty litter from our home. She is a very smart cat (she taught herself fetch at a young age and will sit or stand on her back paws on command). So with lots of love, praise, and kitty treats we will conquer this phase and move away from smelly litter boxes.

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