Saturday, August 20, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

Liebster is German and means dear or beloved. So this is a neat little award to receive. I'm not 100% sure where, when or how it originated, but it has been passed from one small (but awesome) blog to another for quite some time. This award works a lot like a game of tag. When someone tags you, letting you know they value your blog, you are asked to continue by honoring others with the award as well. This award serves as a way to connect others to small (but awesome) blogs that you enjoy. It doesn't boost your readership overnight, but it does let you know of new blogs that you may also find an interest in and serves as a small scale networking tool.

I received this award from the wonderful and talented Maze. She is the author of I'm Finding Me Again, a blog I was linked to in a thread on the NaNoWriMo site discussing the Day Zero Project. I've really enjoyed reading her blog (even if I haven't thought of 101 things for my Day Zero Project list yet). If you feel like you need inspiration to go reach your goals - I would check her blog out. She's been crossing goals off her list left and right.

The rules for passing on this award state that recipients should then pass it on to 3-5 bloggers they follow that have less than 200 readers and then let those bloggers know they have received the award. As I set out to pass on this award, I realized that I have never commented on some of my favorite blogs.

In no particular order, these are the blogs I am passing this award on to:

Jenny Geek - I'm not 100% sure she has less than 200 readers as her followers aren't listed. She takes a fun approach to her life and the comics that accompany her posts are cute! She's a geek and her posts reflect that she has embraced that aspect of her life. I hope you enjoy her posts as much as I do. I've missed them since she has been on vacation. Now, I need to actually comment on her blog for once - instead of remaining the silent reader.

The Quilt List - Not only is this woman an amazing quilter, she also makes some of the most fascinating charm bracelets I have ever seen. It seems like she is finishing a new project each week and I sit here in awe of what she comes up with. I encourage you to go bask in her creativity.

Captured by Crane - My Aunt is an incredibly talented photographer. With photography as one of my many hobbies, I am always amazed at the photo shoots my Aunt captures. She does beautiful work.

RotS - This one doesn't get a link because it is a private blog. I enjoy reading it immensely as the author is doing a marvelous job telling a fascinating tale. I can't wait to find out what happens next.

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