Saturday, November 19, 2011

Filk, NaNoWriMo and 8.5 years of love.

Just got back from a filking event.  Had a blast!  I love geeking out!  And last night was the all-night write for the local NaNoWriMos - also a blast, I even won a word war!  So I've had two nights in a row of geeking out and I am just loving it.  I'm behind on my word count but determined to catch up.

Tomorrow hubby and I plan on digging out the Christmas decorations.  I'm excited to be able to decorate this year!  Normally, I'd wait until after Thanksgiving, but with hubby in retail, next weekend will be exhausting for him and we are hosting an open board gaming night on Friday night and I'm excited to have it all decorated for that.  So we're decorating early!  It's probably my brains way of making up for having all our Christmas stuff in boxes for the last two years.

Today is also a super awesome day because it marks 8.5 years since hubby and I started dating all thanks to a dare on a Star Wars message site.  I love him!  He's my hero.  Today he rescued my car from a broken windshield wiper - since this morning half of it decided to stick to the ice on the window instead of staying properly attached.  I didn't realize there was such a variety of windshield wipers - I don't remember that many choices the last time I had to replace one.  Anyway, he saved the day.  Hopefully this will be the last car related day saving for a few years.  A few weeks ago he had to come rescue me on the side of the freeway when my tire blew (I've never had a flat tire - my tires are either good or dead).  I learned how to remove a hubcap improperly and properly that day :p - I'd never had to deal with hubcaps before).

Anyway, this is just a quick update on what's been going on as I'm tired and I have rehearsal early tomorrow.

The following is part of an introduction I posted on the filk forums.  I'm posting it here because I thought it would be nice to preserve this snapshot into my life.

My fandoms:
Star Wars (I'm a founding member of the Spokantina - the local Star Wars Fan Force; I had a lightsaber fight during my wedding reception; I met my husband on a Star Wars message board...)
Harry Potter (I've participated in several House Cup competitions [Go Gryffindor!] - out of which I've written a few Harry Potter parody songs and a couple original tunes as well - it's a great creative challenge)
Lord of the Rings
Star Trek
Avatar: The Last Airbender (I was the fire bender at SpoCon 2011)
Steampunk [newbie in this one]
...and I'm probably forgetting a few. :)

Costuming (Current costume list: Lethan Twi'lek, Orange Castle Crasher, Fire Bender; In-progress costume: Tauntaun; In-planning: Steampunk Dress and many others)
Crocheting (Current Projects: Star Wars Amigurumi and Roxas pixel art blanket)
Writing (currently working on a novel expanding upon a short story I wrote earlier this year)
Wood Burning (making a Pai Sho set)
Music (I'm a singer on Garland's Worship Team; I am at various stages in the learning process on the following instruments: Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Trumpet, Piano, Guitar, Bamboo Flute, Otamatone, Ocarina, Drums, Omnichord, Jaw Harp, Didgeridoo, Recorder, and Violin; the list of instruments I'd love to learn keeps growing as well; I also know a plethora of camp songs from my time as a Counselor and song leader)
Reading (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Historical Fiction, etc...)

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