Monday, August 24, 2009


I had a very odd and wonderful day. I woke up feeling strange. I had one of those odd dreams that does more to confuse your brain than anything else and spent the brainpower of my first awake hour trying to analyze it (only to end up more confused). Then it was off to do errands my Mom needed done before Grandpa arrived with the crab he and Grandma caught.

Bevan had a job interview and I was happy to recieve the call that told me they planned on hiring him. It's not a job in his field yet, but it is a job. And for that we are very happy. My husband is so wonderful.

About an hour later I got another call. This time it was from the place I had interviewed at last week. I am happy to say they offered me the position and am embarassed to admit that I was so excited the first word out of my mouth was an overly enthusiatic "AWESOME!' I am hoping that my overenthusiastic-ness (yes, I'm making up words now) didn't make her immediately regret offering the position. I start on Wednesday as a math instructor. It's a part-time gig (after school hours) that will still give me the flexibility to sub (or do other misc. jobs to fill my time).

Let me tell you - that crab was delicious! Thanks Grandpa & Grandma! Bevan and I enjoyed the crab for dinner - once we got past the guts & gills portion. I also cooked a cake to celebrate being employed (reflecting on that I should have done brownies or cookies so Bevan could enjoy it too - he's not a cake fan).

Joey and Linda came over so he could work on framing the windows and I could help Linda study for a math assessment so that she can test out of one of her college math classes this week. She's doing great and I think she's going to do just fine on the test.

Last night I started reading Twilight. Now before you get all groany on my or run away screaming - relax, I'm not a fan girl. Don't get me wrong - I'm enjoying the book so far, but I'm not going to go all "Edward this" and "Edward that" on you. The book reads a lot like a diary and in that style I think lies a lot of the intrigue making it hard to put down. There are times when I laugh from some of the silliness and I definitely have to classify Meyer's vampires in a complete seperate category from the vampire lore I know. Really, I picked it up because I kept hearing all sorts of things about it. I had read Stephanie Meyer's website on the book and gotten a good laugh about it because her website even read like fan fiction. I think the part that got me the most was that her books started because of a dream she had. So don't worry, I'm not planning a trip to Forks and you won't see me sporting any shirts that read "Cute boys sparkle" or "Boys: Read Twilight Be Like Edward". You will, however, eventually find all four books on my bookshelf (I'm currently borrowing the books from a friend, but I think I'll eventually aquire the set myself). Anyway, I'm gonna unwind for the night with a little reading.

I hope you can find the little things that made you smile today.

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