Monday, August 17, 2009

Life's Little Moments

Life is full of little moments that should be celebrated. Precious instances that bring joy and create wonderful memories. I've experienced several little moments throughout my day today that I felt like sharing.

~ I've got an interview scheduled for later this week (a relief since I've been job hunting for almost a year now) and this job would actually utilize my degree (which would be a first - odd, since I've held said degree for over 3 years now).

~ One of my favorite moments from today was when my little sister, Kandra came running up to me and gave me a big hug. Now to understand the significance of this - you have to realize that lately 3 year old Kandra is in the I only do what I want to do phase and long past random snuggling. Usually it takes me several requests to get a hug or teasing her by tickling and only getting a hug because she wants the tickles to stop. So an unrequested hug from Kandra is a big deal in my book.

~ The joy brought by holding a newborn in your arms. I got to hold an adorable little princess (as Kandra refers to all baby girls) today. She's 12 days old now. One of the foster babies my Mom is taking care of. She is a precious little princess that weighs what I did at birth. Sometimes it is shocking to think that I was once that small. This little girl has the cutest little hands that will grasp onto your pinky. She is adorable.

~ Another moment, that is very big in this foster boys life was my precious little brother taking the most steps solo he's taken. He had so much fun walking back and forth between my Mom, the neighbor and I. It was adorable. Each time he fell he'd shake his sun-bleached blond head no before standing back up on wobbly feet and trying again. He made at least 10 unaided steps on his longest walk. This little boy knows no fear. He'd topple and stand up again as we clapped. Only once did he decide his topple deserved tears. It was so cute.

~ And this brings me to my baby. I have a precious little ball of fur and claws. Her name is Kaylee. She is a torti. She has been incredibly affectionate ever since I returned from a trip where I was gone from her for 2 weeks. She nussles up right next to me - currently she is curled up next to me on the bed watching me type. Last night it was adorable because she settled herself down in my skirt and was content to sleep against me while I sat reading. It is amazing what the lovely companionship of an animal can do to lift one's spirits. Kaylee is my baby girl.

Those are my little moments that I want to remember. What are yours?

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