Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fitness Reboot

Okay, so apparently I'm not very good with the whole daily updating thing (looks like not even monthly). Anyway, the first few weeks of my half-marathon training I did really well. Then I started feeling ill each morning as I tried to get my work out in. Often stopping when it got to the point that my gag reflex was going to win out over my determination to finish. So the second half of August I pretty much avoided my workouts because I didn't want to start my day off feeling sick. So my birthday rolls around (Sept. 6) and my husband gives me EA Active. Now I absolutely love this fitness/personal trainer video game. Unlike Wii Fit, I always end up breaking a sweat part way into my workouts. It feels good even if it leaves me a bit sore. So on my birthday I weighed in and was happy to find out that over the month that I had stopped my diet (stopped before vacation and just haven't resumed) I only fluctuated 2 lbs up. This was fantastic news to me because I often balloon right back up the second I cease my diet. 2 lbs is an amount that I can flux in a day. So encouraged by my birthday weigh-in and eager to try I knew workout game I have plunged myself into the 30 day challenge. I am happy to say that I am already seeing results - I can feel the muscle definition in my arms again, my pants are a little looser, and I am down 5 pounds from last weeks 264 weighing in at 259 this morning. So overall I am feeling great. I am currently 5 pounds away from weighing less than my father again (an odd goal to have perhaps - I've still got a lot of work to do to weigh less than my hubby - less than his weight will be my next mini-goal and one I will celebrate immensely because in all the time I've known him I have always been heavier). With these goals I am hoping they can help make them more of a challenge. I would be so excited if my dad lost 5 lbs to maintain the gap when I lose 5 pounds this week. In fact, today I challenged him to a race to 230 pounds. He accepted and we set the goal date at Christmas (holidays may be a challenge, but that's okay. We can do it.) So it would be awesome if I didn't catch up to him until we hit the Christmas goal because it would mean he's losing right along with me.

Caught the show today and loved it. Don't really have a team favorite yet, but as always I start the season out by rooting for my favorite color (Team Orange). I'm liking the fact that the contestants get to benefit from both trainers this season and I hope that it stays that way all season.

I'm participating in the Season 8 challenge that is going on. So I look forward to losing with the rest of you over the next 16 weeks. We can do this.

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