Thursday, September 17, 2009

Working Out

And I'm back again today Got my workout in this morning and loved it! mind you, I've realized I enjoy side lunges, moderately loath reverse lunges, and utterly despise forward lunges. Happily, this mornings workout only had side lunges. I am happy to report that I am seeing leg muscle again. I feel confident that if I stick with it I will be able to meet my Season 8 goal of 2 lbs a week (32 lbs gone by the finale). In my commenting on EA Active I went to their website and found out they are doing a 5K challenge (the run to take place between Oct. 17 & Nov. 15). Now I'll be completing my half marathon on October 11. So I figured I would sign up for this challenge and see if I can manage running it. There's no races in my city during the time period they gave - so, I figured I could convince a friend or two to create one and sent them an inquiry about becoming a community leader. I think it would be fun to meet some other people who have a 5K goal in mind that live in my area. That and I've realized that motivating others tend to in turn motivate me. So yeah. I'm a bit crazy... almost wondering if I can get people who'd want to do a costumed 5K on Halloween morning I think that would make for some fun photos to send into EA Active. Really, at this point I'm just rambling. So if you are reading this, THANK YOU!

Highlight of Day: Mom asking if I'd weighed myself recently because it looks like I've lost. *happy dance* Tis always a great feeling when others notice and comment on my progress. *puts in piggy bank of fuel to help get me through the blah days that are bound to attack on my journey*

Notes of Accomplishment for Today:
* I finished my last bit of program certification at work today. Passed my 118 question SAT math instructor exam with flying colors. Done with all the training videos. Yay!
* According to my flashcard tracker (@ I've got half of the Katakana alphabet memorized and 75% of the Hiragana alphabet memorized. So I feel like I am progressing well (especially since I only started the Katakana 2 days ago) in my self-studies of Japanese. I am speeding up on how quickly I recognize the characters. As soon as I've mastered the Hiragana list I will begin on one of the many Kanji list. I'm so excited!

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