Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Mikey!

Happy Birthday Mikey! You would have been 23 today. My forever 13 adorable little brother. I love you so much! We had s'mores to celebrate your birthday today. Then Joey, Linda, and I went out to your headstone. We made sure to clean it up. Kandra, Jeffrey, Steven and Mom were out their earlier. They cleaned off all the pine needles and made a nice bouquet of fall flowers. It was a very nice day today. Sunshine and in the 80s - not the typical October weather, but I'm not complaining.

Work went well this morning. Then I went out to Grandma Susie's and Grandpa Ed's for lunch. Grandma made some delicious crab sandwiches. Then we hung out outside around the s'more fire. After visiting Mikey's grave we headed back into town. Stopped by to see Grandpa Larry in the hospital. He had a rough day, but Grandma is helping him through it. Grandpa kept telling Grandma Carolyn that she needed to hitch up the mules so that they could head home. He really wants to be home, but he has a lot of healing to do from his fall before he'll be able to leave the hospital. We are praying that he heals quickly and that he is nice to the nurses. Despite thinking he was in a barn ready to head out into eight foot snow on the ride home, he had good color and his vitals were much better than when he crashed this afternoon. He's strong and he's fighting and we are praying and God is in control. We are all off to bed now. Night!

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