Friday, October 22, 2010

The $150 Bet & My First BodyRock Workout

So back in July ( or was it June?) I accepted a bet. My father, my grandfather, and I would workout to see who dropped 50 lbs first. I just found out my uncle is in on the bet too. So there are four of us working on dropping our excess weight. The bet was that the first person to that weight would collect $50 dollars from the others. So that means that when I beat them (I'm determined to do so!) I will have $150 dollars towards a new wardrobe for my slimmer self. My bet winning weight is 218.3 lbs - so I have about 40 left to go.

So a while back I found where Zuzana records her interval workouts and gives directions (and modifications) for us to try them in our home. I bought the gymboss interval timer a while ago with the intent to try her workouts, but it wasn't until today (several months later) that I finally jumped in and tried it.

Zuzana is incredibly fit. I am in the progress of becoming fit. Challenging Zuzana to any type of physical contest would result in me losing terribly (unless it was a cannon ball or bellyflop competition where having greater mass is to my advantage). So I was more than a little bit intimidated by her. However, I'd like my body to one day look similar to hers - thus, I decided, doing her workouts would be beneficial. So here I am all sweaty and gross at the end of my workout. I really, really wanted to quit, but quitting in the past has only aided me in getting to the unhealthy weight I currently sit at. So I pushed past what I thought my limit was and finished. Now I am one workout closer to a healthier body and winning that bet.

Brunette Beating Blonde Workout (that's what the video was called)
1.Flying high knees: 5-4-5-4
2.Side pike jumps: 45-28-15-26
3.Reverse crunch (modified): 13-13-13-13
4.Side step up: 32-32-10-10
I wanted to quit at this point,but quitting isn't going to help me lose my extra pounds. I was breathing pretty hard and felt like I'd lose the contents of my stomach if I went straight into the super girl push ups. So I did a 4 minute moving break. Before attempting super girl push ups on my knees. Did I mention I absolutely despise push ups?
5.Super girl push up (modified): 8-5-6-6

So this was my first ever BodyRock workout and it kicked my butt. I think I got a better workout just now then I did last Sunday walking the Nike Women's Half Marathon (maybe - the hills of San Fransisco kicked my butt too). This was just a different type of butt kicking workout. I now plan on incorporating more workouts into my routine. Onederland here I come!

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