Monday, October 24, 2011

Harry Potter Crossword Puzzle

So the JC House Cup has ended.  This means that I spent a few weeks immersed in Harry Potter based tasks.  I thought I'd share one with you.  If you are an Harry Potter fan, now is the time to test your HP knowledge.  See if you can complete my crossword.

1. least popular Headmaster of Hogwarts
3. to turn a wand into a light
5. to summon
8. founder of S.P.E.W.
10. the spell Lockhart used to become famous
11. Luna's roaring hat
15. turns an object into a Portkey
18. The Boy Who Lived
25. useful in healing minor injuries
27. Headmaster when Chamber of Secrets first opened
29. Disarming Charm
35. ghost of Gryffindor tower
39. talking to snakes
41. Severing Charm
44. lost an ear
45. before he sparkled
46. the club made up of Slughorn's favorite students
47. Royal
48. sock lover
50. from Rodent to Rapier
2. an Unforgivable Curse granting control
4. spell created by Snape and used by Harry on Draco
6. lost his son in the Triwizard Tournament
7. gave Professor Slughorn Francis
9. to open that which is locked
12. Avada Kedavra does this
13. mother of seven
14. incarnation of caster's innermost positive feelings
16. Padfoot was which Sirius Black
17. retired in order to enjoy more time with his remaining limbs
19. Hagrid's dragon
20. listened only to Albus Dumbledore and the Bloody Baron
21. River
22. Hagrid's half-Giant love interest
23. wizard born muggle
24. a spell used to duplicate
26. disguised himself as an armchair
30. hated his R sweater
31. for hours of stair sliding fun
32. non-magical human
33. blasting curse
34. an easy way to move a Christmas tree
36. Harry's first crush
37. worst memory is calling the girl he loved a Mudblood
38. Muggle-born witch or wizard
39. result of Wizard inbreeding
40. Hagrid's first name
42. punched by Granger
43. Romulus
49. inflicts unbearable pain on the recipient

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