Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Making Fitness Fun - Angry Birds Workout

Today I started Nerd Fitness' Angry Birds Workout Plan.  I love the design of this plan because it plays off of some of the addicting qualities of the app. game.  The article I linked explains it well, so if you want to know more - go read it.

So I'm out of shape.  I've only done workouts sporadically of late and that needs to change.  I've modified some of the plan to fit where I am at and what I need to do to get to where I want to be.

So here are my starting levels:
Squats - tutorial level 1 - 30 chair squats - I need to do the squat with a chair currently to help get my form correct.
Push Ups - I'm terrible at push ups.  So I completed tutorial level 1 (40 wall push ups)  today - wall push-ups.  I will work my way through the following tutorial levels: T Lvl 2 (45 wall), T Lvl 3 (50 wall), T Lvl 4 (80 wall), T Lvl 5 (100 wall).  Once I complete the tutorial, I will proceed to incline push ups (following the guide to a proper push up).
Back Exercise - Lvl 1.0 (30 one arm rows [OAR] with 5 lb. weight), Lvl. 1.1 (30 OAR with 7.5 lb. weight), Lvl. 1.2 (30 OAR with 10 lb. weight), Lvl. 1.3 (30 OAR with 12.5 lb. weight), Lvl. 1.4 (40 OAR with 5 lb. weight), Lvl. 1.5 (40 OAR with 7.5 lb. weight), Lvl. 1.6 (40 OAR with 10 lb. weight), Lvl. 1.7 (40 OAR with 12.5 lb. weight), Lvl. 1.8 (50 OAR with 7.5 lb weight), Lvl. 1.9 (50 OAR with 12.5 lb. weight).  I will split up level 2 in a similar way, working through the bent over rows with my weights before doing Lvl. 2.9 (20 inverted rows).  This process will build up my strength so that I can eventually do pull ups.
Planks - Level 1 - planks kick my butt, but I don't need to modify the plan.  It just may be a while before I have the strength to progress through the levels.  I should hit level 2 before the week is over.

I warmed up with 40 jumping jacks and got right to it.  I started out with planks and then hit the other three in order.  I had to remind myself to breathe while holding the plank.  I made it through everything.  I got through the arm rows on the first set.  So Thursday it's on to level 1.1.  I made it through wall push ups on the second set - so onto T Lvl 2 on Thursday.  Planks and squats took three sets to accomplish - so they will stay at their levels and I will go for three stars on Thursday.  I finished with a stretching routine that I like.  So day one = complete - earning 10 of 12 stars for the day!

As a way to stay accountable, I will be tracking my progress on my Nerdy Workout page.  I'm competitive by nature, so if you want to join me in this workout, let me know how you are progressing - we can get a friendly competition going and keep each other motivated.

Today's stats:

S - Squats
P U - Push Ups
B E - Back Exercises
P - Planks

3/26 Goal # Total # Grade Level Stars
S 30 34 ** T-1 10 of 12
P U 40 41 *** T-1 Time
B E 30 L 33 /R 33 *** 1 22:56.0
P 60 66 ** 1

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