Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thank you Teri! Cheesecake is definitely a weakness!

So, I've realized that trying to cut out sweets has led to me wanting them more. So instead, I'm allowing myself to choose them with the promise that that day in addition to my normal workout I will also burn off the calories of sweets I ate. I think this will help me still enjoy some of the treats I love, but also make me think more about it before I choose to ingest it. In other words, it should stop me from the mindless sweet eating that I sometimes fall prey to, because I will only eat it if I am willing to work it off.

Oh, and my Feb. workout goal is to continue my awesome workout streak and to learn 3 new exercises.
My food goal is to find the adjustments I need to make to eat a healthier diet.
- burning off calories of sweets I choose to eat (in addition to normal workout)
- upping the daily fruit/veggie goal to 2 servings a day (working up to the recommended)
- continue to get my daily 8 glasses of water in


  1. Reposting Scott's comment from site getting shut down:

    all i can think to say is that "YOU ROCK" your doing an awesome job and it's showing us just how determined you's inspiring to us to see such great determination in someone. thanks for sharing your journery with us,i'll be waiting to read more for inspiration. see ya scott

  2. Reposting Teri's comment from site getting shut down:
    Nata, may I offer a suggestion? I am a cheesecake freak and I love chocolate. I think it's better to work a sweet into your calorie allowance ( if you calorie count!) Sometimes if you feel that you have to burn those calories off, it doesn't really make it the treat it deserves to be. Somethings that I like to work into my allowance are Emerald Cocoa Dusted Roasted Almonds, they come in a 100 cal pack and aren't covered with milk chocolate, but dusted with cocoa powder then roasted. Another could be a few Hershey's kisses, Jell-o sugar-free pudding or sugar-free jello w/ a little fat-free cool whip. There are lots of treats that can be fit in and enjoyed. I hope you found this helpful.