Monday, February 8, 2010

Yep. NataLekku is also my username on Sparkpeople (though I haven't consistently used the site lately). I'm glad you liked the photobucket slideshow. I think I will try to add to it weekly - just because there are days that my motivation is lacking completely, but watching that can at least motivate me to get my workout in.

So today will be day 39 of my exercise streak as soon as I get my workout in. I'm pretty sore. Still recovering from Friday's workout which consisted of 9 hours of remodeling work (tore up carpet, lifted lots of boxes, moved 2 desks up and down stairs, tore up part of a wall, built a wall, etc.). I can pretty much feel every muscle in my body. Saturday was an EA Sports workout followed immediately by a few more hours of remodeling. Sunday, I made my arms even sorer with flagging. I plan on treating my muscles to a nice soak in a hot bath later today. Oh, and after tomorrow's workout I will have finished the EA Active 6 week challenge in under 6 weeks! *happy dance* I hope you all have a fantastic day! *skips off to work*

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