Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rainy Day

It's been raining all day. but I like it. The plants are enjoying their shower.

Took my car in to get fixed this morning. Got a laugh out of being the only one able to start it (Mom & Bevan both flooded the engine in their attempts). Guess after a week and a half of driving it I have gotten the hang of it. Anyway, haven't heard back on it yet. I'm hoping that it is something simple that fixes the issue of it shaking and dying at each stop (unless I put my left air-casted foot on the brake and tap lightly on the gas with my right foot). You really don't realize how many times your stop on the way to and from work until your car decides to die at each one.

My foot is all sorts of fun colors right now and I should only have to wear the air-cast for 2 more days (yay!). Then I can ease myself back into my workouts (oh how I've missed them!). I'll be glad to be rid of the annoying cast. The air on the left side leaks out pretty quick now - so I either constantly put more air in or ignore the pain caused by rubbing.

I am currently busy inputting vocab words on an electronic flashcard side (fantastic site: for my students to use. I think that it will really help them with memorization of vocab., states, dates, and math facts. I'm really enjoying the summer hours at work. The students are in much better moods because they aren't coming from a full day of school. Some of them had the giggles today and I had to laugh when one of them was in shock that I had played and beaten Twilight Princess (Legend of Zelda). You can imagine the look of shock on his face when I told him that I own and can play an Ocarina. Guess the idea that video games are for male adolescents is still pretty popular.

Tomorrow is my project day - babysitting the kids for my mom in the morning and hoping to get some projects done in the afternoon. I'd like to get some sewing done. I've got a onesie to turn into a t-shirt for the adorable darling I watched during the school year. (She's potty training and onesies just don't work for that!) I would also like to get my second flag sewn so that I can give Amy back her flag.

Tomorrow evening, my sis and her boyfriend will be up for a visit. Should be a lot of fun. They are coming up to celebrate Father's day. I'm really hoping the gift we got Dad will arrive in time. I know that he is going to love it! (Sorry, you'll have to be kept in suspense until he gets it. There is no way I want to chance ruining the surprise.)

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