Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So I can put my weight on it now with very little pain. In fact, yesterday it felt so good that I didn't even think twice about moving furniture. Got a good lecture from hubby when he found out. I'm still using the aircast (and will continue to do so for the full two weeks doc instructed). I'm happy that I didn't need to fill the script for the narcotic pain med doc prescribed.

Got my blood work back from the doc yesterday. There is nothing wrong with my thyroid levels. Not necessarily the news I wanted to hear. I go in at 2 today for an ultrasound of my thyroid and hopefully that will help the doc figure out why my thyroid is 3 times the size it should be.

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  1. Re-post from Teri:

    Best of Luck w/ that thyroid! Glad you're going to try to take it a little easy on that ankle!