Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Lot In Common

It is always a wonderful to find someone else who shares the same obscure hobby you do. I never thought I would run into a student who also played RPGs (at least not one so young). I found that I needed to refocus him on his work several times because he wanted to tell me about all of his characters. It was the most excited and animated I have ever seen him. Then I thought about it. I'm the exact same way. The second I find someone who will listen to me ramble about my hobbies - I can be the most talkative girl around. I love telling about RP adventures I have had or the latest project I am working on. Many that I try to explain these to give me funny looks, but the ones who understand - they are the ones that get their ears talked off (sorry!). So what's your topic? What are the things that will make you go from the silent observer to hogging the bulk of the conversation? What are you fascinated by?

On another note, though slightly related being one of my latest obsessions, I started weight training a little over a week ago. I've done a circuit on the small weight machine set-up our apartment complex has. Two sets of 15 reps for each exercise. I don't know the names of each thing, but there are two leg machines (a press and a reverse curl?), and four arm machines (standing curl, an overarm pull bar, a sitting chest press and inward butterfly?). I've seen a huge improvement in the muscle definition of my arms and am even losing some of that annoying underarm flab. I've done this every other day since I started, with the exception of yesterday's which I did today. But since yesterday was spent pulling up carpet, moving furniture, and boxes to help friends clean their flooded basement - I am not beating myself up over missing a day - that was a workout in itself and it was nice to be able to help them. They were reacting so much better to the flooding than I would have been, had I been in their shoes.

Oh, and last night's gaming session was a hoot. We rescued two people from the Kessel prison and learned an awful lot about each others characters. Well, I should say, I learned an awful lot about everyone else's characters - as my character is still keeping her secrets close to the vest. I now know I've been working alongside someone in the Bothan spynet, a Devaronian princess in hiding (who, by the way, hates being called a princess), a force user of some sort, a smelly Rodian who has regained his honor, and that when we thought we had been working for the Rebellion, we had really been hired by the Black Sun. Also, I was really pleased when my droid and I took care of the guards to the high security area with one shot a piece. Our rag tag crew lives to fly another day. It will be interesting to see what out pilot princess has drug us all into by returning to her home planet...

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