Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sore Fingers and Good News

Day two of the violin and my fingers hurt. I really hope these callouses build up quickly. I found out today that my co-worker has been playing violin since she was 11. She gave me some pointers on how to properly hold the bow. She also informed me that the violin is supposed to be entirely supported by the head. I didn't know this. She is also willing to play with me sometime. I think I'll wait to take her up on it until I can play more than "Jingle Bells", "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", "Old MacDonald Had A Farm", and "Dreidel". Although, I thought it was pretty cool that one of the beginner songs is "Natalie's Rose" - hooray for songs with my name in them. I made it to page 18 today and it finally told me to use the bow! I stopped at 9:30 p.m. because I was concerned that if I played much longer I would bother the neighbors - I really hope the practice mute arrives soon.

I'm excited for tomorrow night. I get to see my best friend whom I haven't seen in ages plus her hubby and new little one. I'll get to give her the baby blanket I made (as she thought it was better to have it hand delivered than mailed. They are coming over for dinner tomorrow night. And the best news I got today was that this isn't a short trip. She will be in town until September. This means I'll get to see her more than once this visit. I'm super excited! I've missed my Melissa time.

On that note, I should probably get to cleaning.


  1. Very cool with the violin! They're such gorgeous instruments. My Sis-in-law played hers for our wedding. Zelda's Lullabye on violin is just beautiful :) That's wonderful that you get to see your friend for so long too! Nothing like a long visit with an old friend.

  2. It is a very pretty instrument. I'm trying to get my hands on Zelda music. Do you know where she got hers or does she play by ear?

    The visit with my friend went wonderful and we plan on working out together on Monday morning. So excited to have her around for the summer! I've missed her so much!

    So, last night was super hot and after I signed off I realized I didn't want to move. I came home from work today to find out that hubby had done all the cleaning that I should have done - plus he got the steaks we had for dinner marinating. Such an awesome man!

  3. She played it by ear. When we were talking wedding music, she came over with her violin and we pulled up the clearest Youtube of Zelda's Lullabye we could find. She did a few test tries to get it down, then practiced with that link until she had it for the wedding. She's been playing for years, though, so she's very in touch with her instrument.

    That's awesome that he did that for you!! What a great guy :D Glad you had fun with your friend!

  4. That's great! Playing by ear is fun - I've done that a bit on my clarinet after years of playing.