Monday, June 27, 2011

Violin - My Husband Is The Greatest!

So hubby wanted to get me something big for our 4 year wedding anniversary (this July 14th). He had asked me what I want him and I told him that for quite sometime I have wanted a violin. Not only is the violin a gorgeous sounding instrument. It is also an instrument that is very dear to my heart because it reminds me of all the times my little brother, Mikey, would sit and sound out songs on his violin. One of my cousins now happily plays my little brother's violin in his schools orchestra. And now, almost 10 years after my little brother's passing (July 3rd, 2001) - I am learning the instrument that he loved so much. I plan on sounding out the Flinstone's theme just like he did so many years ago - once I get the basics down. Playing the violin is a small way for me to still feel connected to my little brother.

So my husband and I set off to a little music store that is only a few blocks away. The owner was finishing up a lesson when we arrived and then he happily showed me some violins. The first one he brought out was a beautiful violin - near mint condition - hardly played by it's previous owner. It had a pretty tone that I enjoyed, but I wanted to hear the another violin before making a purchase. The second violin he brought out had character - it had either seen it's fair share of playing or just been dinged a few to many times. Compared to the first, this one was battle scarred, but oh, the wonderfully, deep resonating tone I got out of it. Now I'm a beginner, I can't even begin to coax out the marvelous notes that I know this violin is capable of, but just with the open notes I had fallen in love with the tone of this violin - then he tuned it.

I lucked out, in that an experienced violin player walked into the shop at about this time, and agreed to play both violins for me to hear the sound difference. First he played the newly tuned, battle scarred violin. It sounded magnificent. Then he played the pristine violin. It was beautiful, but did not create as deep a sound. Uncertain, he picked up the scarred violin again and played. Of the two, he decided that the scarred violin had the better sound, and wanted it for his own. "I can feel the resonance against my chin." he had told me. He said, that even his own violin did not do that for him. I was pretty much decided on the scarred violin from the first note and his appraisal of the instrument just sealed the deal for me. With Bevan's approval, we purchased my violin.

When we arrived home, I played it a little and then reluctantly set it aside so that I could order the practice mute (I'm sure the apartment neighbors will appreciate that when it arrives) and some beginning books (The ABCs of Violin books 1 & 2) from online (plus a Star Wars violin solo book because I want those to be some of the first pieces I learn). It should all arrive some time next week. Then it was off to work for me. After work, hubby and I went out to get his anniversary gift (a 3-DS) and to pick up a beginner's book for me to use while I wait for the others to arrive. I found the "Essential Elements 2000 for Strings - Violin Book 1" at the book store and worked my way to page 13 before my fingers became to sore. I need to work on building up my callouses again.

Anyway, I am very excited about learning the violin and can't wait until I am making beautiful music. I definitely like the accompaniment CD feature of all the books I ordered. I wish that had been the case back in grade school when I was learning the clarinet. I'm pretty sure it would have made learning to keep time a bit easier. Well, I could ramble on forever, but I really should get to bed.