Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Of Dolls and Princesses

So my little sister turned 6 earlier this month.  Her gift from me was a doll that looks like her and wears her favorite color - pink.  The week before her party I was telling my Mom about the doll and she asked if I could make K Rapunzel hair.  We sized a hat for her head and I took it home to use as a template for a winter hat that I then added long strands of yarn hair to, two strands at a time.  It was very time consuming, but my little sister loved the end result and it is a favorite for dress-up right now. Before the party was over she asked for it to be un-braided so that she could twirl around and have it fly around her.  It was cute.

Princess K in her Rapunzel outfit.
I made the hair.  It took 4 skeins of yarn looped through a yellow winter hat that I also made.
Her first comment after I put it on.  "It's too heavy!"
She had fun decorating it with flowers like the girls in Tangled decorated Rapunzel's hair.
My sister as Rapunzel.
She had so much fun wearing it.
Such a pretty princess.
This is a doll I made to look like my sister.
I think she turned out pretty cute.
The headband is one my sister can also use in her hair.
And my sister has named her Kendra.
The finished hair before braiding.
Front view.
Back view.
Kaylee inspects everything I make.
Front view on the table.
Back view on the table.
Side view.

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  1. Too cute!! What wonderful gifts for a little girl :D