Saturday, January 7, 2012


"Always." is one of my favorite Snape quotes and this twist was born out of an RP night.

My husband and I recently finished watching all the Harry Potter movies again (as I got the set on Blue Ray for Christmas).  So I've had Harry Potter quotes running through my head for days.  So when the following scenario happened at game night, it all just clicked and this was my resulting fun in photoshop.

One of the mugs brought out for coffee and tea was an adorable owl that stares at people while coffee is being drunk.  It has a nice perching place on the sofa to watch us all as we game.  So many jokes were made about bird watching and stalker owls.  I don't remember the exact comment that was said, but Mason's response was "Owlways" and the immediate image that popped into my head was Snape, as an owl, talking about his love for Lily.

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