Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rolling A D6 - Board Game Review Blog

Hubby has started a board game review blog:

If you enjoy board games and are on the look out for new games to add to your collection, you should follow him.  We have a pretty extensive game collection that will take him a while to work through and we are always adding more games (so if you have game recommendations - let me know!).

His first review is of one of our recently acquired games - The Red Dragon Inn (we picked up the third set at a convention this summer and he got me the second for my birthday, purchasing the first set is in the future - It's nice that the game doesn't require buying the sets in order.)

Some of our games (so that you have an idea what he may eventually review):
City of Thieves
Smallworld Underground
The Settlers of Catan
The Starfarers of Catan
Catan Cities and Knights
Munchkin (the original or any of the themed - ex. Star Munckin, Munckin Fu, Super Munchkin, Munckin Bites, Munchkin Zombies, etc... - I'm a bit of a Munchkin freak!)
Munchkin Quest
Risk (or any of the Risk themed/variations that we have)
Life (or Pirates Life)
etc... (I'd list more, but I should be getting ready for work now).

So check out his new blog and leave him a message. :)


  1. Hubby doesn't like board games so much, so we don't have many, but when I was a kid, I was a total addict. Definitely following this blog :) (We do have Munchkin and Munchkin - C'thulu, though, awesome game :D)

  2. Munchkin is awesome. The cards are fun to read as well. I get to play board games a lot more often now, because our tabletop RPG group decided that the last Friday of the month was open game night (board games, card games, and video games).

    I keep my eye out for new and interesting game and like that one of the game stores nearby has a section of games that you are allowed to pick from and play in the store. It's nice to be able to demo some games before deciding to purchase and makes for a fun little date night out.

  3. Thanks for the cross-promotion. I will try to post something at least once a week.