Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reasons Why I Love Being A Geek

 These are just a few reasons I love being a geek!

Reason #4 - You meet some of the most fascinating people who share some of your interests and become terrific friends.

Reason #13 - Some fandoms are so large that no matter where you go (from moving to a new city to traveling around the world) you can find and connect with other fans.  This made my first move from home much easier because I was immediately able to connect into the Star Wars community where I moved and make new friends right away.

Reason #1 - It becomes a lot easier to find excuses to wear costumes.

Reason #1138 - Pictures with other friends and fans in costume make for some of the best memories.

Reason #6 - Hearing a child yell out, "Mommy!  Mommy!  Look!  An alien!" as you run through an airport to get to your connecting flight with Lekku on your head is priceless.

Reason #23 - The look on children's faces when they see you in costume is priceless.

Reason #3 - Geeky trivia challenges while waiting in line for a gaming console/midnight movie opening/con event make for great laughs and fun chances to spout off random geeky knowledge.

Reason #pi - It means you have friends to celebrate and appreciate the wonderful celebration that should occur at 1:59 and 26 seconds every March 14th.

Reason #42 - Having friends who understand why you walk around with a towel on May 25th.

Reason #100 - Conventions.

Reason #88 - Lightsaber battles in the park.

Reason #89 - Having your first married fight be a lightsaber duel at your wedding reception...

Reason #90 - Having friends awesome enough to bring their lightsabers and act as an honor guard arch as you leave your wedding.

Reason #24 - Getting to learn a wide variety of crafting/sewing skills from your multi-talented geeky friends.

Reason #36 - Having your laugh and sneeze compared to sound effects from movies.  My laugh sounds like a Veractyl call and my sneezes like blaster bolts...

Reason #37 - Having your laugh made the official sound effect of the group.

Reason #5 - It's fun!

Reason #63 - Because finding friends who love your geeky side is the best.

Reason #2187 - Having a friend where her hair in the Princess Leia ceremonial hairdo for your wedding.

Reason #31 - Apparently dancing the Macarena to the Imperial March while wearing a Twi'lek costume is highly entertaining for the audience (not to mention - a ton of fun :p).

Reason #72 - Finding your spouse through an online message board for your hobby (Star Wars - theforce.net) because someone dared him to talk to the next girl to post is a fun "how we met" story to tell.

Reason #91 - All my wedding ceremony songs were from Star Wars - except one.  It was from The Legend of Zelda.

Reason #7 - Creating a list of geeky things you've done on a pizza box while waiting in line in the freezing cold in Madison, WI for launch day of the Wii console to arrive...

Reason #95 - Being asked if you are a Knight that says Ni so often while in Castle Crashers gear that you incorporate a little Monty Python into your Masquerade skit.

Reason #103 - Competing in Masquerade with friends.  I fire bend at 13:26, but you should watch the whole thing.  Brother Silence (Cheeser) does a fabulous job!  And my hubby dons the completed Org. XIII cloak  and the key that he has spent much time on.  Plus, there were many  other wonderful costumes!

Video by Nathan Smith

Reason #9999 - This list will constantly grow. :)


  1. Reason #89 is amazing and I wish I could have seen that!! Your costumes are great, too. I'm in total agreement with pretty much everything on this list.

    Also sup LoZ wedding music buddy :)

  2. What LoZ song(s) did you play? Ours was Ilia's Theme (Twilight Princess) for our communion song.

  3. Sounds lovely :) I walked down the aisle to Zelda's Lullabye, and we both left the ceremony to the LoZ theme. My Matron of Honor/Sis-in-law played them both on her violin. Sounded classical enough that our older family would think it was just pretty violin music, and recongizible enough that our gamer friends would get it.

  4. That's awesome! I never heard any complaints from the older generation at my wedding - so if they had them, they never reached me.