Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Leveling Up - Level 27 - Human - Bard

I turned 27 today.

Last night I celebrated with some friends and family with a BBQ.  Today, I spent the morning with my mom discussing the online business we are starting (selling crafty creations).  My late afternoon was spent at work.  Now hubby and I are ordering pizza and plan on playing a board game after dinner.  This weekend we will have some more friends over to celebrate with a board game night.  It is always wonderful to catch up with friends.

As for birthday wishes, I received well over 100 happy wishes from the various online communities I am a part of.  I even got a birthday greeting from a random stranger as I left work (because work gave me a balloon as part of my gift).

It was a nice day and I am surrounded by wonderful friends and family, on and offline.  So thank you all for making my day a special day.  I look forward to what level 27 has in store for me.  Oh, and because one of my awesome friends made me think about it.  I would allocate my skill points for this level up into Artisan (this would aid in the new joint business endeavor with my mother), Languages (because I want to learn more Japanese), Music (because I'd like to make progress on the violin), Craftsman (due to plans for an awesome Pai Sho table and wanting to finish a chain mail piece), Reflexes (this would be helpful in learning to fence as well as in generally staying on my feet :p), and Stamina (so that all of the above don't kill me).

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  1. Happy birthday!! It sounds like it was a very nice one :) I can't wait to hear about the progress with the business with your mom! May the trip to level 28 be a brand new adventure!