Thursday, February 26, 2009

11 day diet

My grandfather found it and lost weight using it so he suggested it to my father. My father tried it and lost 16 pounds over the first 11 days. [He's done a few cycles since then and his doctor has been impressed with the results.] After 11 days on the meal plan you take 2-3 days with your own meals and then start again with another 11 day meal plan. Every 11 day session you use a meal generator to choose up to 30 foods that the generator then uses to list the meal plan. My grandfather found it online:

There is no calorie counting involved. Things to eat are preplanned - portions however are not: the rule is eat till you are satisfied, never stuffed.

The result claim you will "lose 9 lbs every 11 days".

I'm am definitely keeping my eye on the foods in it that are less healthy (ie. ham) and when I generate my own list I will cut them out entirely. The menu I am doing is the one my dad made. It'll be interesting to compare results. I'm going to keep updating this daily with how I feel about the diet and let you all decide if it is something you are interested in. Like I said, I'm trying it and we will see.

Thank you for the welcome back Kato, Seasidedebbie, Chrystalina09, gogo1432, and coorsd.

Day #1 Weigh-in: 270.5
Day #2 Weigh-in: 267.4
That's 3.1 pounds lost between yesterday and today. I am keeping in mind the fact that weight can fluctuate 2 lbs within a day and my weigh-in yesterday was in the afternoon and my weigh-in today was this morning. I will try to weigh-in around the same time every morning so that I can see a more accurate weight measurement. But taking into account the 2 lb flux I'd still be pretty happy with this diet and my exercise with the 1.1 lb loss

My dad told me that from last night (he weighed in right before dinner) to this morning he is down 4 lbs.

gogo - Milk intolerance isn't an issue for me. I just like my dairy products. I have to get my milk in daily or I end up with painful cramps. So every morning during this for me is still starting out with a single glass of 1% milk. As for the cheese - I can think of no better legitimate explanation then: I love it!

coorsd - great to be on your team

So at this point I am optimistic about the plan (a rare feat with any "diet" for me). If the loss keeps on at this pace in 11 days I will be very enthusiastic about the plan and not to mention lighter.

I hope you all have a great and healthy day! Thank you for supporting me!

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