Saturday, February 28, 2009

11 day diet

Thanks for the congrats!

My Results:
Day #1: 270.5
Day #2: 267.4 = 3.1 lb loss!
Day #3: 264.7 = 3.7 lb loss!
Day #4: 262.6 = 1.1 lb loss!

Total Loss So Far: 7.9 lbs

Dad's Results:
Day #2: 4 lb loss
Day #3: 2 lb loss
Day #4: 3 lb loss

Dad's Total Loss: 9 lbs

Day #4
Meal #1 - 9:30 am: Hard boiled or scrambled eggs
Exercise: 2 mile walk in 36 minutes with hand weights part of time and foster brother in arms remainder of time
Meal #2: Shrimp, peanuts, fresh fruit
Meal #3: Fresh fruit salad
Meal #4: Turkey slices, cashews

I am still feeling great about this diet

Food Lists:

List A
Bacon Strips
Broiled Flounder
Broiled Halibut
Broiled Orange Roughy
Broiled Sea Bass
Cottage Cheese
Delicious Shrimp
Ham Slices
Hard Boiled Eggs
Macadamia Nuts
Pastrami Slices
Regular Cheese Slices
Roast Beef Slices
Sandwich (any deli-meat style)
Sausage Links
Scrambled Eggs
Tuna Salad Plate
Turkey Slices

List B
Baked Beans
Banana Milk Shake
Bowl of Oatmeal
Fresh Apples
Fresh Apricots
Fresh Grapefruit
Fresh Grapes
Fresh Kiwi Fruit
Fresh Oranges
Fresh Peaches
Fresh Pears
Fresh Plums
Fresh Strawberries
Frozen Yogurt Dessert
Fruit Salad Dessert
Garden Salad w/ Dressing
Green & Red Vegetables
Green Beans
Green Vegetables
Mixed Vegetables
Orange-Pineapple Smoothie
Pinto Beans

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