Friday, February 27, 2009

11 day diet

I started my day in the morning - it's just that the morning of the first day I spaced weighing in so I weighed in - in the afternoon. Oh wait! I think you meant the meal times I listed. The 4 meals just need to be consumed in the same day, they can be done in any order. Like for breakfast this morning I had meal #2 of Day #3 and by the end of today I will have eaten all 4 of Day #3's meals .

Day #3
Meal #1: Turkey deli meat and/or ham slices
Meal #2 - 7:45 am: Bacon strips and/or pastrami slices
Meal #3: Cheese slices, skinless chicken breast, bowl of green veggies
Meal #4 - 11:15 am: Tuna salad and/or broiled sea bass

My dad lost an additional 2 lbs.
Dad's results:
Day #2: 4 lb loss
Day #3: 2 lb loss

Dad's Total Loss: 6 lbs

EDIT: I did 4 miles on my elliptical in 41 minutes. Then I played with my younger sister - using her as a weight on my legs to do leg lifts and then did airplane with her to get some reps in on my arms.

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