Monday, March 2, 2009

11 day diet

Thanks for the pinch Terri and the congrats! The plan doesn't give amounts in cups/oz/slices. You eat until right before you are fully satisfied, but never stuffed. The plan encourages you to eat slowly (so you don't eat to much at one sitting). Basically it tries to get you to eat just enough of what you need for fuel so that there is no excess that gets stored right into fat. I thought the list was small too, but I'm on day 6 and still enjoying the foods I get to eat - no food boredom here. I've not been a green veggie eater, but I am finding ones I enjoy (like green peppers and broccolli). This is my first time on the 11 day menu. I will then take the 2-3 free days to enjoy some of the foods I might be missing in moderation. Then I will generate a new menu to follow for another 11 days. I wonder how the results from my second 11 day cycle will compare...

My Results:
Day #1: 270.5
Day #2: 267.4 = 3.1 lb loss!
Day #3: 264.7 = 3.7 lb loss!
Day #4: 262.6 = 1.1 lb loss!
Day #5: 261.2 = 1.4 lb loss!
Day #6: 261.0 = .2 lb loss!

Total Loss So Far: 9.5 lbs

I need to figure out how my dad is doing. EDIT: Dad is right around 9 lb loss as well. He was at the Cougar game on Sat. and then went out to eat with my sister, her boyfriend, and his parents. So he has had a cheat meal as well.

The loss was not as big this morning, but I knew that coming into this morning's weigh in. Yesterday I only ate 3 of the planned meal. My fourth meal was dinner at a friend's house (plans made prior to starting 11 day diet and already postponed once). I didn't feel right canceling - so I just watched my portions. It was a healthy meal - it just didn't fit into the protien only meal I should have had. But that's okay. The rest of the 11 days will be exactly what the menu calls for .

Day #6
Meal #1 - 7:55 am: Scrambled eggs, peanuts, garden salad
Meal #2: Bowl of baked beans, frozen yogurt dessert
Meal #3: Shrimp, cashews
Meal #4: Turkey and/or ham slices

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