Sunday, July 3, 2011

Monkeys and Mikey

Today marked ten years since my little brother, Mikey, passed away. He would have been 23 going on 24 this year. It made me wonder what career path he would have chosen to pursue - he loved sports and playing his violin. He liked to make people smile and had dimples when he smiled that always cheered you up when you were feeling blue. My youngest brother, Steven, reminds me of Mikey in a lot of ways. I miss Mikey. Monkeys were his favorite animal. I dug some monkey charms out of my jewelry box today and wore them as earrings as a small tribute to my little brother today. I also gave my Mikey Monkey some extra hugs. At church Mom handed me a Mikey button that the Scouts had made in his memory, which I pinned to my purse. Even after ten years this day is still hard, but I know that Mikey is up in heaven and doing just fine.

After church, I went up to the hospital to see Kalia, Joey, and Linda. They were all doing well and think that they will be able to leave the hospital tomorrow. I got to hold my niece, Kalia, for quite a while and even changed her diaper when my brother went to grab lunch. Joey then informed me, that I am the first person, other than himself, who has changed Kalia's diaper. I chatted with Joey and Linda for a while and then we played Phase 10 (Linda beat me by 7 points when we ended it after completing phase 7). Bevan came in to see his niece today, too.

It was kind of hard being at the hospital today. Too many emotionally powered memories - I wonder how Mom handled it. Over all, it was a good day with a lot of tears and my wonderful husband, who let me cry on his shoulder... actually, that was kind of funny.

Bevan: "Are you crying?"
Me: *nods head*
Bevan: "Why? Why are you crying?"
Me: "It's been ten years."
Bevan: "Oh! I'm so sorry. I didn't even realize! Wait... that's in May. It hasn't been ten years yet, silly."
Me: *puzzled* "Yes, July 3rd, 2001."
Bevan: "But we didn't meet until 2003."
Me: *slightly less puzzled* "Not us. My brother."
Bevan: "Oh!" *commence snuggling*
Sometime later...
Me: "Wait? You thought you missed an anniversary?"

I love my wonderful husband.


  1. I'm so sorry for the loss :( They say time heals all wounds, but that doesn't mean it will always get easier. Especially on anniversaries and birthdays. But you've got a new niece you can share memories of him with as she grows. And you've got a very sweet (and adorable, haha, he thought he missed your anniversary. Too cute) husband to support you :)

  2. Anniversaries, birthdays, and really any family gatherings always stir up a feeling of loss, but it is less debilitating then it was in the first few years. Still miss my little brother something fierce, but I know that he'd want us to go on living our lives and enjoying the happy times instead of wallowing in sorrow. So I celebrate the happy times (like my new little niece) and the adorable times (like hubby's little memory lapse). Thank you for your support. :)