Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pai Sho Project

Project Name: Pai Sho
Status: In Progress
Source: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Genre: Anime
Project Type: Wood game pieces, travel board-map, and Pai Sho table.

The first picture above shows the size of the pieces I am using. The second picture shows the canon White Lotus piece as well as an altered version of the canon Rose piece.

As I sat down to work on this project, my friend, Joe, offered to help with some redesigns of the pieces. The White Lotus piece was really the only canon design I liked. So Joe reworked all of the other pieces for me. He altered the canon Rose to fit with the design and I tried my hand at altering the canon White Jade to fit in with his designs. All other pieces in my set are of Joe's design and I am very happy with them. So I am working on my set (and will be doing a second set of tiles when I am finished with mine, for Joe, as payment for his design work).

So I ordered all 108 wood discs needed to make my set and have started wood burning in the designs. I've gotten a few tiles completely wood burned and several others in progress, but I have bent my straight tip beyond use for the detail I need now (though it works great for small curved segments). I'm not sure if it is a cheaply made tip or if I just don't know my own strength. Regardless, I need to order a new tip before this project can proceed.

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  1. hey where can i get a white lotus pai sho game chip like that if u have the answer email me