Saturday, July 9, 2011

Star Wars Ornaments - Yearly Tradition

Every year I design (at least) 6 Star Wars ornaments to use as gifts for the Spokantina's White Bantha gift exchange and every year one design unintentionally ends up working for two different characters. [Please note - all Star Wars characters belong to George Lucas.]

2009 Designs:

Santa Yoda (technically I made him while in high school for a friend)


Rebel Luke [LEGO based]

Darth Vader

Boba Fett


Shadowtrooper (completely unintentional - my Mother, who cuts all these guys out, forgot the color scheme for the Stormtooper and painted several all black)

2010 Designs:

Veractyl (since my SW group thinks that I sound like one when I laugh)

Luke on a Tauntaun (because I am making a Tauntaun costume) [LEGO based]

Han on a Tauntaun (the un-intentional one because a friend pointed out that altering the paint job will change the character) [LEGO based]



Snowtrooper (because a friend of mine finished his Snowtrooper armor this year)

Ahsoka Tano

2011 Designs:



TIE Fighter

LEGO Chewbacca

Millennium Falcon (Bottom View)

Millennium Falcon (Top View)

LEGO Han Solo

Aayla Secura (painting is not finished)


  1. How does one person have so many talents? Seriously, you know how to do so many constructive hobbies, and the end results are all so awesome. LOVE the Pai Sho pieces in the other post, gorgeous, and my inner nerd wants one of these ornaments :P

  2. Short answer: I have never refused to learn something from anyone willing to teach me.

    Long answer:

    Is there an ornament you like best?

  3. Or as a friend of mine would put it: I'm a dabbler in all arts/crafts and a master of none.

  4. Definitely the Vader one, although the Tauntaun and Jawa ones are close seconds. :)