Friday, July 8, 2011

Spiral Earrings - Afternoon Project

My husband and I were out shopping when he commented that my earrings didn't have any beads on them. We happened to be in a craft store at the time - so I stopped in the bead section to remedy that. I decided that it would be easier to by beads in a storage case then in a bag and the one that I settled on also came with 20 gauge wire in assorted colors.

So this afternoon I decided to try my hand at making some spiral earrings of my own (something I have wanted to do since I was given the Harry Mason "California Convertible" earrings during the half-marathon trip to San Fransisco with my in-laws last October. So I sat down with my trio of jewelry pliers/wire cutters and my husband's dremel (to make sure all the sharp ends were rounded down before sticking them in my ear). So the above is my result. The earring pictures along the top are the Harry Mason earrings and were not made by me (though I do add the beads from time to time). The other 3 sets of earrings are the ones that I made.

Also, the galaxy pair have to be put in from the back in order to hang the way they do. It makes them a little odd, but I like them.

Let me know what you think.

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