Thanks Debbie! I'm keeping going. Today I had to squeeze in my workout between my morning job and lunch with my grandparents because I overslept my alarm and thus missed my morning workout time. I managed to get in 2 miles on the elliptical.

You crack me up Scott. I think I'd need the shoes off of everyone I know too I agree that it is great knowing that there are others going through the same self butt kicking exercises too. I know that right now I am really looking forward to either a) getting used to the pain of sore muscles or b) my muscles getting used to working so they are not as sore.

I don't think I realized how much coughing/laughing engaged my ab muscles until now

Achievement of the day - two 11 minute miles!
Day #6
1.Banana & Pears (home canned and a fresh one) - check.
2. 8 glasses - check.
3. Elliptical - 22 minutes - 2 miles - check.
Health Points Earned Today: 5
All goals met for Day #6!

Points Earned: 33
Miles Traveled: 15
Longest Streak: 6 days

Tomorrow I drive my sister to Seattle so she can fly to Switzerland. That means leaving here by 6am and not getting home until very late. I have a EA workout scheduled for tomorrow as long as I wake up when my alarm is set I can do it before the drive. Otherwise I just need to make sure I get my miles in walking around the Pike's Place Market. I need to clock at least 2 miles tomorrow on my feet (I'll clock more than that in the car).