Thanks Don!

"there's no deadline on the million . just do 'em with a smile on your face " - Ketchuplover

ketchuplover - I got through 1 today. There was no smile though. My abs are killing me. My abs are telling me that the ab workout in my strength training program and in my walking dvds are killer. It may be next week before I start trying to knock anything off of that million.

I'm on a five day streak!!! I got in 2 workouts today! This morning I did the 4th workout in the EA Active 6 Week Challenge. Then while watching the Biggest Loser I hopped on the elliptical and walked for 75 minutes. I clocked 5 miles while watching the show. I feel good.

Day #5
1. Apple - check.
2. 8 + glasses - check.
3. EA Active 6 Week Challenge Workout #4 - 30 min - check.
75 min on elliptical - 5 miles- check.
Health Points Earned Today: 8
All goals met for Day #5!

Points Earned: 28
Miles Traveled: 13 (My favorite number!)
Longest Streak: 5 days