Friday, January 22, 2010

Snapped a band and 22 day streak

Thank you Heather, Teri, Debbie, and Marsha! Your encouragement means a lot to me!

Day 22 and my streak is still going! However, I did realize today that I don't know my own strength. I was using the resistance band that I got with my walking DVDs to do double bicep presses and it snapped clean through. Thankfully it only grazed my arm in the process. This one is thicker than the one that came with EA Sports Active and it was the one my cat didn't get to... oh well, just means I need to go to the storage unit and attempt to figure out which box has my older resistance bands are in (as they are the tube variety instead of the flat variety that I tend to snap through (previous snapings were on the thinner bands and usually after my cat attacked them). Also, I realized just how much my arm strength has improved because I had to go back to the first band and I couldn't shorten it to provide enough resistance to feel the burn.

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