5ks are fun. There is a 12k here that I walk in costume every May (which I don't do for time because people like to get pictures and I'm walking with people I convinced to get into costume too - so I let them set the pace).

I'm pretty sure the three of us will be walking the half-marathon. I should probably check with the other two to make sure. My goal is to be able to keep whatever pace they set (aka not be the one that slows our trio down). I'm not big on running (I'd rather sprint for a short while then run at a consistent pace for a longer while).

I was looking at the training program Nike has on their site to up my mileage to comfortably complete the half and found that the day of Bloomsday (my costumed 12k) I am scheduled to do 7 miles. So hooray! My 12k fits perfectly into my training schedule.

Today's Workout:

Intensity - Medium
Projected Calorie Burn - 215.7
Calories Burned - 244.8
Workout Time - 26 min 46 sec
Exercises - 15/15

Warm Up Station : Hip Circles (8 reps), Shoulder Rotations (4 forward, 4 backward), Windmills (8 reps), Split Squat & Reach (4 reps each side)
Squat and Reaches (reps 10)
Squat with Side Leg Lifts (reps 12)
Step Aerobics Normal Tempo 1
Single Arm Rows (reps 10 each arm)
Double Biceps Curls (reps 16)
Squash (Beginner) (43 of 40 hits)
Squat with Bands (reps 12)
Skipping (reps 120)
Island Outrun (Short) (5 of 5 runners passed)
Sparring 2 (80 punches/dodges)
Single Arm Rows (reps 10 each side)
Curl Ups (reps 16)
Leg Raises (reps 15)
Cool Down Station: Leg Over (20 sec each side), Figure 4 (20 sec each leg), Leg Up (20 sec each leg), Chest Opener (20 sec)