Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Start of Tough Love Challenge

Re-posted from Tough Love Journal:

Starting Weight: 267.6 (weighed in at 11 pm which is not my normal weigh-in time. I'm so used to weighing in on Tuesdays that I spaced today's.)

So, I'd really love to sit here and start my thread on a good foot, but today was a bad day exercise wise for me. I didn't do my workout. I have no excuse. I chose to stay in bed this morning instead of doing it. I opted to empty out a china hutch and move it along with my elliptical during my lunch break. When I got home from work at 7:45 pm I ate dinner and then sat down on the couch to put my little brother to sleep. I had 25 minutes of free time before I needed to pick up my husband, but decided to watch a bit of Lost and play with my cat. When I got home I decided to pop on here and realized I needed to weigh in. I could do the workout now, but I just don't feel motivated. I'm gonna turn in.

So please give me a kick in the right direction. I plan on making tomorrow a better day regardless of whether I "feel" like it.

Milk 1%
Bowl of Cheerios

Milk 1%
Macaroni & Cheese
2 peanut butter cookies

G2 Gatorade grape
2 peanut butter cookies

Milk 1%
2 tacos

Fresh strawberry shortcake with whip cream

So unless I can be convinced otherwise, I won't be counting calories (it bores me and I usually abandon it within days). But I think it will do me some good to at least have to type what I eat. I think breakfast was the only meal I felt good while typing out.

SW: 259.7
WK1: 258.8 (-0.9 lbs)
WK2: 257.9 (-0.9 lbs)
WK3: 257.3 (-0.6 lbs)
WK4: 260.8 (+3.5 lbs)
WK5: 259.7 (-1.1 lbs)
WK6: 258.0 (-1.7 lbs)
WK7: 258.0 (0 lbs)
WK8: 258.0 (0 lbs)
WK9: 258.0 (0 lbs)
Wk 10: 258.3 (+0.3 lbs)
Wk 11: missed
Wk 12: missed
Wk 13: 268 lbs (+9.7 lbs)
Wk 14: 263.5 lbs (-4.5 lbs)
Wk 15: 263.2 lbs (-0.3 lbs)
Wk 16: 264.6 lbs (+1.4 lbs)

Challenge TWL: +4.9 lbs

Not so hot this week. Great on the exercise everyday, but yesterday. Food was my weakness this last week.

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  1. Re-post from Teri:


    Everyone needs a break, ok, you took one, that's fine. I know there are times our food isn't so hot, but maybe you just need a little plan. I put this web address up for you, it gives you ideas to help change your food alittle at a time. I hope you find it helpful. I think you are doing so well, Nata, keep up the good work! And thanks for all of your support!