Friday, April 16, 2010

Thanks Teri!

So I had a scare today. My eyeball decided it wanted to swell. It's a pretty creepy thing to have the whites of your eye get red and puffy. It is also really weird to watch as the whites swell up around the iris but the iris stays the same. My eye is no longer red or swelling. It still itches and hurts (but not near as much as earlier). Doc gave me a different antibiotic for it this time (happened back in Dec as well). Since the doc I got to see today was an OP instead of an ER doc he was able to check a lot more things. Says it is probably caused from a sinus infection spreading to my eye. He says it's odd though, because they don't usually see a repeat occurrence unless there is a thyroid imbalance. So now I need to schedule an appointment with my regular doc to see if my thyroid is off (I was borderline hypo(or was it hyper)thyroidism back in college - so I may have crossed the line). I'm due for an appointment anyway (haven't had a check-up with my regular doc since July of '07 before I got married).

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  1. Re-post from Debbie:
    Take care of that eye. Time to take care of yourself. Good luck with the doctor.