Today's Workout:
Intensity - Medium
Projected Calorie Burn - 160.2
Calories Burned - 172.1
Workout Time - 23 min 12 sec
Exercises - 13/13
Warm Up Station : Hip Circles (8 reps), Shoulder Rotations (4 forward, 4 backward), Windmills (8 reps), Split Squat & Reach (4 reps each side)
Alternating Crossover Lunges (20 reps)
Stride Jumps (90 reps)
Wii Balance Board - Water Skiing (43/45 Flags - missed 2)
Wii Balance Board - Push Ups (12 reps on knees)
Double Shoulder Press (10 reps)
Alternating Crossover Lunges (20 reps)
Squash Beginner (42 of 40 hits - consists of backhands, forehands, cross over lunges left, & lunges right)
Wii Balance Board - Push Ups (12 reps on knees)
Double Shoulder Presses (10 reps)
Crunch with Punches (16 reps)
Reverse Crunches (15 reps)
Cool Down Station: Leg Over (20 sec each side), Figure 4 (20 sec each leg), Leg Up (20 sec each leg), Chest Opener (20 sec)

I am happy because I did every push up on my knees with my back straight this time. Last time I went through the challenge my arm strength/back strength wasn't strong enough to do them all that way before and I ended up doing them without keeping my back straight (basically bending at the waist - which help build up arm muscles but didn't do a thing for my core). So yay! I'm doing a modified push-up correctly!

And yesterday, in addition to my normal workout I also did 2 hours of hammering and chiseling up the linoleum floor in my parent's old kitchen.