Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weigh In - 263.5 - I lost 4.5 lbs!

I am so happy! Weighed in this morning and I am down 4.5 pounds from last Tuesday! I am back on track and going to meet my goal before my Birthday! *happy dance*

Workout 4 of EA Active 6 Week Challenge

Today's Workout:
Intensity - Medium
Projected Calorie Burn - 168.8
Calories Burned - 169.0
Workout Time - 20 min 31 sec
Exercises - 13/13

Warm Up Station : Hip Circles (8 reps), Shoulder Rotations (4 forward, 4 backward), Windmills (8 reps), Split Squat & Reach (4 reps each side)
Squat and Reaches (reps 10)
Reverse Lunge with High Knee Jumps (reps 10 each side)
Forward/Backward Ankle Hops (reps 15)
Water Skiing (flags 33 of 34)
Squat to Knee Raises (reps 10)
Stride Jumps (reps 90)
Sprint - Short
Reverse Lunge with High Knee Jumps (reps 10 each side)
Skipping (reps 120)
Reverse Crunches (reps 15)
Curl Ups (reps 16)
Cool Down Station: Leg Over (20 sec each side), Figure 4 (20 sec each leg), Leg Up (20 sec each leg), Chest Opener (20 sec)

So sweaty! Time for a shower!


  1. Re-post from Teri:

    ...and a nap! Wow!! Great job!

  2. No nap. Got in one hour on the elliptical during biggest loser. Twas a leisurely 3 miles. So I've made up for my missed workout. This made for a very happy week!